Street Fighter Zero Fighters Generation

Compatible with PlayStation 2™ (PS2™)

For JPN/Asian systems only.
Version: Japan
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Street Fighter Zero Fighters Generation
Street Fighter Zero Fighters Generation
Street Fighter Zero Fighters Generation
Street Fighter Zero Fighters Generation

Item Description

Of all the Street Fighter games it is the legendary Zero (Alpha) series that is the most hyped... and now it comes to the PS2 for the first time! Are you ready for the ultimate fight?The legends are back. The most popular fighting games ever. The toughest fighters ever. The entire Street Fighter Zero series together, for the first time ever, in one arcade-perfect collection. You decide the ultimate fighting game, you decide the ultimate fighter and you decide the ultimate winner. Get ready to fight!The Street Fighter Zero - Fighters Generation compilation contains the following five Street Fighter games in one collection:
  • Street Fighter Zero
  • Street Fighter Zero 2
  • Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha
  • Street Fighter Zero 3
  • Pocket Fighter
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    A really a fun game!
    This game is a must have if your a Capcom hardcore fan. The graphics are much more animaited than the ones for Playstion. This game is fun and much better for the PS2. Plus, I toatly agree what the others said. Capcom should make the Marvel Vs. Capcom collection. Think about it, this game would be a major big hit for Marvel and Capcom fans! This game would be a huge sales and everyone would want it!
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    seriously, i\'ve been waiting for an SF alpha collection for like 3 years....and damn, this is even better than the darkstalkers collection capcom put out last year.

    all the games are arcade perfect too, and barely any load times. each game has an arranged version too (except for pocket fighter), secret options, extra options, and color edit.

    if you have to pick up any fighting game this year...make this one your 1st.

    i hope a marvel collection comes out soon (even though it\'s pretty unlikely that will happen.)
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    Ich wurde nicht nur zügig wie noch nie aus Hong Kong beliefert, sondern auch noch mit der besten Zusammenstellung eines Street Fighter Spiels überhaupt. Die Anniversary Collection und Capcom vs SNK 2 hat mich die letzten Jahre immer gut über Wasser gehalten, doch was Capcom nun mit der Zero/Alpha Anthology/Fighter\'s Generation auf die Beine gestellt hat ist der Gipfel. Alle Titel der Zero/Alpha Serie in bester Arcade-Optik, dh. volle 60 Bilder pro Sekunde, auf dem komplettemn Bildschirm sichtbar, mit allen Animationen und keiner einzigen Ladepause, auf einer DVD vereint! Erstklassige Soundkulissen, große Sprites und als Bonus: Pocket Fighter! Nur Zero/Alpha 3 auf dem Dreamcast kann mit der vorliegenden Version mithalten. Alle anderen Versionen auf den diversen Systemen sehen nach Anthology/Fighter\'s Generation richtig armselig und uninspiriert aus. Wirklich ein krasser Gegensatz! Um diese Zusammenstellung kommt nun wirklich KEIN Street Fighter Fan herum - unmöglich!

    Zur schnellen Bestellung sollte noch ein geeignetes Pad zugefügt werden! Fackelt nicht lange! Sofort zuschlagen! Die japanischen und amerikanischen Versionen von Street Fighter waren schon immer besser als die in PAL-Ländern!
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    These games stood the test of time
    Street Fighter Zero 2\'s features the most satisfying punch and kick sounds ever in fighting a game. All fighting games should try to emulate these sounds, they are crisp, loud and sound painful! I cannot say the same for the sound in games like Fighting Vipers, the Guilty Gear series, King of Fighters 2003 version, Def Jam Fight For New York, or even capcom\'s own Marvel vs Capcom 2. The importance of sound is clearly detailed in Street Fighter Zero 2. The great sound just makes the game that much more satisfying. SFZ2 is now a classic.

    This game is worth it. Arcade perfection all around.
    No garbled voices like on Saturn. Like the Vampire collection before it, you can adjust vidoe settings such as sharpness/filters/and yes progressive scan. Bring on the MARVEL collection!
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    to follow up this great game....
    This Collection is truly great. There are hidden items like the Dreamcast/NAOMI version of SFZ3, the playstation one music for SFZ2 plays on the arranged version of SFZ2 Gold, and more! Both of Karin\'s backgrounds are in this compilation. Basically the ultimate complete edition for the SFZ series. Well you can throw away that Saturn version of SFZ3 now because its about to become worthless. Who needs a clunky 4 meg ram cart and garbled voices anyway?The PS2 comp is well worth the money. Make sure you own a saturn pad for PS2. (Then throw away the Saturn version).

    Capcom really needs to release Marvel Anthology with the following titles:

    The Punisher
    X-Men Children of the Atom
    Marvel Super Heroes
    X-men vs Street Fighter
    Marvel vs Street Fighter
    Marvel vs CAPCOM

    That would sell like hotcakes since those games have never been released in arcade perfect form on a major hit console.
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