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  • All about rhythm! - PM Studios will bring you back to the beat once again with a high-speed, intuitive system found only in SUPERBEAT: XONiC! Is the rhythm in you?
  • Modes that fit you! - Depending on your skill level, you can choose between 4TRAX (beginner), 6TRAX and 6TRAX FX (master). The handy tutorial mode will always be available as well!
  • Massive play patterns! - Are you ready to groove to our fantastic music selection and master the monster patterns thrown at you? Raise the beat with Free Style for endless gameplay!
  • New music! - SUPERBEAT: XONiC will feature BEATCRAFT- exclusive new music alongside several popular tracks – this music is guaranteed to electrify your XONiC experience!
  • Real-time DJ ranking! - Check your rank in real-time in both local and worldwide rankings! Ride your way to the top of the charts and become the best DJ!
  • Music to your eyes! - Enhance your DJ experience with over 50 captivating illustrations!

Item Description

Packed with over 65 music tracks, from R&B to rock, techno to K-pop, the PlayStation 4 version of SUPERBEAT: XONiC will come pre-loaded with added DLC tracks from the PlayStation Vita version! The game will also feature brand-new music as DLC that fans can submerge themselves into. In total, players will experience dozens of music tracks and boogie through 200 different play patterns.


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Tough but fun
Need some time to get used with the control. But it's a great music game.
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Pour qui aime le genre, foncez !
Il y a pas des tonnes de jeux de rythme sur PS4, alors quand il y en a qui sort, c'est un peu la fiesta. Si vous aimez les jeux qui deviennent vite ardus et la K-Pop un peu foireuse (question de goûts), vous pouvez sans problème vous rabattre sur ce jeu, en attendant DJMAX Respect ou Project DIVA Future Tone DX...
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This game is amazing and the soundtrack and gameplay is excellent!
Great game for people who love rhythm games how Hatsune Miku and DJ Max! Gameplay in the game very difficult. It will leave you coming back for more and trying to get a little better each time. Amazing but i like this game! And I have also version on PS Vita!
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Great spiritual successor
Xonic is a pretty good spiritual successor to DJMAX series. It features tons of good music, or at least music which DJMAX players find familiar. I think the musicians have managed to rise quality a lot. Most songs also now follow current trends which is nice.

The usual suspects like Makou, Mr. Funky, M2U, Tsukasa, Electronic Boutique, 3rd Coast and so on deliver some of their best songs and the new guys manage to insert few enjoyable surprises into the mix as well. However some of the songs from the new guys leave that little something to wish for. And it's easy to accuse some veterans of falling into "doing the usual thing" category.

The gameplay in Xonic isn't as honed as it could be. I also found physical button control scheme difficult to adjust to and the touchscreen controls were bit inaccurate. I eventually settled into those touchscreen controls because it felt more like it's supposed to be played. I also think that the key sounding in Xonic doesn't really continue with the tradition.

It's also a good thing for experienced players that the game just throws at you all the mechanics at once but it would probably be better to have more steps before all mechanics are thrown at the player if this aims to be slightly more casual game.

I feel Xonic was made to be slightly more casual game than DJMAX. And if asked that would be my main reason to recommend DJMAX Technica TUNE over Xonic. However if you just want to sit down, listen good music and have fun this is the game for you.

Visually the game is mostly as good as this group of developers is know for. Most songs in Xonic however don't have the DJMAX style MVs but instead they feature a custom animated background "images". I feel that something important is lost with that transition to more simple "abstract" backgrounds. Also there are some really minor UI issues like proper scrollbars are missing (even after the patch) but I'm just nitpicking now.

PS Vita has many good rhythm-action games but Xonic manages to stand on its own as a game somewhere between DJMAX and games like Project Diva and likes such as IA/VT. I'll give more weight to the OST since that is the most important part of a rhythm game and my recommendation.
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