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You haven't seen all the Superman films until you've seen this! Superman II starring Christopher Reeve returns with a never-before-seen beginning and resolution. Director Richard Donner began shooting his vision of Superman II while concurrently filming Superman The Movie. For the first time, his unique vision is here. Jor-El (Marlon Brando in recently found footage) appears in key new scenes that amplify Superman lore and deepen the relationship between father and son. Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) plots more schemes to unmask Clark Kent as Superman. With so many changes, large and small, this version is an eye-opening alternate experience. 全新的導演剪輯版帶給你大開眼界的超人新體驗。馬龍白蘭度在全新電影情節中的出現強化了超人與父親間的關係。這次超人必須面對更棘手的三名罪犯,他們因為太空核爆從魔幻區域被釋放出來,由於和超人來自同一星球,每位都擁有與超人相同的超能力,他們降臨地球,一心想要統治地球,超人也因為這三名罪犯,終於了解自己的身世。同時,為了要和心愛的露易絲在一起,超人想要拋棄自己超人的身份,可是超人可以不顧所有的地球人,讓壞人為非作歹嗎?

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