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Meet Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor), a naive computer programming natural. For him a keyboard is a weapon - and, as a result, Superman faces the microelectronic menace of his life. Christopher Reeve reprises his signature role, deepening his character's human side as Clark Kent sees Lana Lang (Annette O'Toole) at a Smallville High class reunion. And when the Man of Steel becomes his own worst enemy after Kryptonite exposure, Reeve pulls off both roles with dazzling skill. Relive Superman III in all its heart, heroism and high-flying humor. 超人回到故鄉參加高中聯歡會,他遇見了一位高中時的女同學,對她一見鍾情。這時正發生着一場災難,超人因為談情說愛而延誤了救災行動,他感到非常自責。另一方面,野心的巨富利用氣象衛星操縱世界各地的天氣藉以控制市場,後來更讓電腦天才設計了一座超級電腦去對付超人。超人不顧危險,打敗了這台超級電腦,並成功捉拿野心勃勃的巨富…

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