Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization The Complete Guide

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The only complete capture book was given to adventurers running on the land of "Einground"!
Product code for female character costume "School Swimsuit (white)" included!

illustrations, event CG, equipmentfromArtworks'main visualUntil various setting pictures such as enemies and stages, various elements that color this work are posted at once!-In addition to battle guidance and skill analysis such as corrections that affect the

system summary
damage value,
thorough commentary on interaction with friends such asemotion void andintimate conversation.The status of 300 NPCs is also open to the public!

● Story & Map GuideComplete recording of the
story progress chart including the timing of the occurrence of sub-scenarios,
and detailed maps covering request quests and event fragments!

● Database
All data including items such as weapons and armor, items and shop sales items are collected.
Status and drop for each enemy part are also posted!-Follow the information on 8 dungeons of [Sacraments Invasion] added in


● Privilege product code
Enclose the product code of the purchase right for the female character costume “School swimsuit (white)”!

* The information in this document is as of November 4, 2016.Subsequent versions and patches may cause differences in information.Please note.

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