Sword World 2.5 Supplement Barbaros Rage

Version: Japan
Not yet published or released Expected to ship: 25-Jun-2024
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Barbarian PC is finally released. Behold the ultimate martial arts that humans cannot reach!

1. Contains 10 types of barbarian race data. In addition to the barbarians that first appeared in 2.5 such as Diavolo and Albol, we have updated the data of popular barbarian tribes such as the Drake, basilisk, and Dark Troll.
2. Additional data such as physical master skills and item data for using multi-part barbarian tribes
3. Barbarian tribes. Introducing the setting of each race, from the Gaunt region, which is the new stage of the adventure, to the island of Irusan, which is under the control of the barbarians
4. Types of adventures that the barbarians will take on, guidelines for role-playing, and play guide for scenario creation
5. Initial creation of Sample scenarios for the first and second parts that can be played in.