Teardown [Deluxe Edition]

Compatible with PlayStation 5™ (PS5™)
Version: Japan
Version: Europe
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Teardown [Deluxe Edition]
Teardown [Deluxe Edition]
Teardown [Deluxe Edition]

Product Features

  • Fully destructible voxel environments
  • Realistic physical simulation of objects, debris, vehicles, water, fire and smoke
  • Wide variety of tools ranging from a sledgehammer, blow torch and fire extinguisher to guns and explosives
  • Multiple campaigns with over 40 escalating missions
  • Sandbox mode for you build, explore and destroy various environments
  • Community created mods

Item Description

With your company pressured by increasing debt, you start accepting work from some more or less shady individuals. Soon you are knee-deep in a murky soup of revenge, betrayal, and insurance fraud. Beginning with some more or less legitimate assignments, you soon find yourself stealing cars, demolishing buildings, blowing up safes, avoiding trigger-happy robots, and more. Upgrade your expanding arsenal of tools by searching for hidden valuables scattered around the environment.

Play around in the various environments with the tools you have unlocked. In this mode, you have unlimited resources and an abundance of vehicles, as well as a Creative Mode editor where you can build voxel creations from scratch. No pressure, just pleasure.

Test your skills in experimental game modes. New challenges unlock as you progress through the campaign.

Play the best community-created mods. Easily install new maps, mini-games, tools, vehicles, and more using the in-game Mod manager.


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