Techniques For Drawing Eyes To Make Expressions And Improve Your Character Drawing Skills

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Learn from professional techniques how to draw the eyes that give you character and individuality.
The expression and charm of a character can change dramatically depending on how you draw the eyes. This book will reveal techniques for bringing realism to a character's expression by drawing details such as the base color, pupil, light in the iris, and highlights, as well as the unique expressions of eyes that have become more diverse in recent years. When drawing manga or digital art, this book will carefully explain the process of drawing the eyes, which skillfully controls the facial expression, with a focus on drawing them in a way that matches the world view of the work. Starting with the basic method of drawing eyes, this book will teach you techniques for drawing eyes for different emotions (laughing, crying, anger, etc.), eyes for different worldviews (BL, fantasy, school stories, horror, etc.), and the diversifying eyes seen in illustrations in light novels these days.
This book will be useful when drawing attractive characters who stand out with their personality and individuality, and who look cooler and cuter.