The Big Bang Theory Season 8 [3DVD]

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Language  English, Portuguese
Subtitles  Portuguese, Spanish, English, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), French


 當Sheldon從手忙腳亂的火車"尋我之旅"被救回來後,新一季的天才們已預備好重返學堂,向電視機前的各位傾授笑彈。特別推介前來觀看Leonard 的小手術,並為因此而恐慌的Sheldon分擔一些焦慮。與此同時,Howard沉迷母親與Stuart發展的友好情誼,而Penny亦在藥廠的新工作大 放異彩。別錯過Raj的溫情策劃,向他偷師把舞會和慶典獻給約會對象。更要記得緊貼Amy最新發表的網上同人小說,以及Bernadette如何為家庭問 題搞得一頭煙,你可能會在其中發現至正斗的特別嘉賓。打醒十二分精神 ─ 或許未及Sheldon一樣醒目,但新一季《天才大爆炸》一定是重量級的歡樂課堂,絕對不容錯過!

Sheldon is rescued from his soul-searching cross-country train trip (older but no wiser), and that means The Big Bang Theory gang's all here to spread another year's cheer as TV's most attended laugh seminar. Enroll in the comic curriculum to observe Leonard's minor surgery, which signals a major catastrophe for Sheldon, Howard's obsession over his mom's relationship with friend-turned-freeloader Stuart, and the unexpected results of Penny's technique as a pharmaceutical sales rep. Discover ways to re-create proms not attended or holiday celebrations not especially beloved, and play a new game based on Raj's dating life. Savor online fan fiction by Amy, watch Bernadette take indelicate command of some delicate family matters, and, who knows, you might spot a cool special guest or two. Be smart - though never as smart as Sheldon - and enjoy this 24-Episode Season Eight set of the Theory worth its weight in fun every time!

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