The Castle of Shikigami / Shikigami No Shiro

Compatible with PlayStation 2™ (PS2™)

For JPN/Asian systems only.
Version: Korea
USD 0.00

Product Features

  • Language: Korean
  • Manual: Korean

Item Description

Classical 2D shooters are rare those days. Each player in Shikigami has two weapons -- an ordinary, forward-firing shot, and a "Shikigami attack," a sub-weapon activated by holding down the fire button. Each of those sub-weapons is very different, and somewhat limited in some ways (you maneuver more slowly when it's active, for example), but here's the catch: kill an enemy with the Shikigami attack and all the power-up coins they DROP zip directly INTO your storage, so you don't miss a single one. In other words, finesse with the sub-weapons makes your more versatile standard weapons much more powerful.

Worth a look for all shooting fans.

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