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FuRyu's upcoming title The Legend of Legacy may not be on your radar, but the moment you hear who is working on it your interest should be piqued! This Bravely Default look-alike is in the very capable hands of seasoned Square Enix and Level5 legends like Kyoji Koizumi (SaGa) and Masato Kato (Chrono Trigger) to name just a few.

Set on the island of Avalon The Legend of Legacy is designed to facilitate the player's own exploration! The map is actually available from the start of the game, allowing you to discover new maps that will allow you to adventure into all new areas. Since there is no set story-route players must follow you will be free to explore the many secrets of the island.

Exploration is further encouraged with the title's Cartography System. As players roam the island, the map located on the bottom screen will be filled in. This information can then be used as a currency of sorts in Initium City, unlocking various perks and interactions with other characters.

The Legend of Legacy is unique in that the goal of game designer Kyoji Koizumi was to have no quests. Players are instead given a single primary objective to figure out and work towards, in whatever way they see fit, as they explore Avalon and the various ruins found within.

Players will be able to choose their main hero from a selection of seven different adventurers, each with their own unique personality and weapon type, as well as three heroes to add to their party! You can equip any of the available weapon types (sword, great sword, axe, spear, staff, bow and arrow, and the shield) to any character via the menu screen. Intium City will serve as a hub where players can make changes to their party.

The basic combat in The Legend of Legacy will be very familiar to any RPG fan - enemies will visibly appear on dungeon maps as players progress through them and bumping into them triggers turn-based encounters. However, the title's unique Magic and Spirit mechanics start to paint a very interesting, and moderately complex, picture.

Players can form 'contracts' or connections with spirits of the different elements - water (blue), wind (green), fire (red), and dark (purple) - which will in turn unlock further abilities that you can use called Spirit Arts. The balance of power between the four elements will change over the course of yours battles as Spirit Arts are used by yourself and the opposition.

Character formation (attack, guard, support) is incredibly important in battle and the development team have made it easy to pre-set certain formations with the use of the Roll Shuffle system. Players can create various formations prior to battle and quickly apply them when the situation calls for it.

Finally, The Legend of Legacy has a trade system that will also function with StreetPass. Players will be able to send out a ship to do trade with various other cities, which will bring back various loot including armor and recovery items. The bigger your ship, while more expensive, the more likely you are to get better items!


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I got it at a very good price, thanks play-asia for saving me again!
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Nice Rpg on the 3DS
The game is not story heavy, so you spend more time fighting battles than scrolling through text. The game also gets much more difficult as you find more places to go to, but still fun.
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7 heroes 7 wanders
Remember all the saga series? When you fight yr way through with all the story? Heres it comes with a little different approach. Character design similar to BD if you have played it. A 3 men crew fighting system that enough for you to win all battle although 5 men like saga will be best.
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Good Game
Great game, it has the feel of old schools JRPG games. It also has a lot if similarities to The SaGa franchise, released for Super Famicom.
Highly recommended for RPG / JRPG fans.
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No title
A fantastic game that shares some similarities with the SaGa series. A must for all RPG lovers. Highly recommended.
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