The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker Original Sound Tracks

Version: Japan
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track listing

Disc 1
01. Title
02. Menu Select
03. The Legendary Hero
04. Outset Island
05. Inside a House
06. Old Men's House
07. Fencing Instruction
08. Beedle's Shop
09. A Mysterious Giant Bird Attacks
10. Tetra Discovered
11. The Forest of Outset Island
12. Bokoblins Come Flying
13. Battle
14. Encounter with Tetra
15. Aryll's Kidnapping
16. Grandma
17. Departure
18. Pirates
19. Inside the Pirate Ship
20. Forsaken Fortress Invasion
21. Forsaken Fortress Invasion
22. Forsaken Fortress
23. Imprisonment
24. Reunion with Sister
25. Rendezvous with the Ship
26. Rendezvous with the Ship
27. Rendezvous with the Ship
28. Windfall Island
29. Potion Shop
30. Dawn
31. Ocean
32. Maritime Battle
33. The Second Maritime Battle
34. Get Treasure Box
35. Open Treasure Box
36. Get Item
37. Get Small Item
38. Dragon Roost Island
39. Dragon Roost Cavern
40. Mini-Boss
41. Game Over
42. Gohma Appears
43. Gohma Battle First Half
44. Gohma Battle Second Half
45. Boss Clear Fanfare
46. Get Heart Container
47. Get Orb
48. Wind's Requiem (Baton)
49. Wind's Requiem
50. Get Baton Song
51. Yacht Game
52. Yacht Game Goal
53. Yacht Game Failure
54. Song of Passing (Baton)
55. Song of Passing
56. Forest Haven
57. Inside Forest Haven
58. The Deku Tree's Crisis
59. The Deku Tree and the Koroks
60. Forbidden Woods
61. Kalle Demos Appears
62. Kalle Demos
63. Ceremony in the Woods
64. Song of the New Year's Ceremony
65. The Great Sea is Cursed
66. Sacred Shrine
67. Jabun
68. Tower of the Gods Appears
69. Tower of the Gods
70. Command Melody (Baton)
71. Gohdan Appears
72. Gohdan
73. To Hyrule

Disc 2
01. Sealed Hyrule Castle
02. Get Master Sword
03. Hyrule Castle
04. Phantom Ganon
05. Aryll's Rescue 1
06. Aryll's Rescue 2
07. Aryll's Rescue 3
08. Aryll's Rescue 4
09. Aryll's Rescue 5
10. The Tower of Forsaken Fortress
11. Helmaroc King Appears
12. Helmaroc King
13. Ganondorf on Forsaken Fortress
14. The Strange Stone's True Form
15. Hyrule King Appears
16. Zelda's Awakening
17. Princess Zelda's Theme
18. Ballad of Gales (Baton)
19. Ballad of Gales
20. Fairy Spring
21. The Fairy Queen
22. Dungeon
23. Earth God's Lyric (Baton)
24. Sage Laruto
25. Medli's Awakening
26. Earth God's Lyric
27. Earth Temple
28. Jalhalla Appears
29. Jalhalla
30. Medli's Prayer
31. Wind God's Aria (Baton)
32. Sage Fado
33. Makar's Awakening
34. Wind God's Aria
35. Wind Temple
36. Molgera Appears
37. Molgera
38. Makar's Prayer
39. Hero of the Wind
40. Ganon's Castle
41. Gohma First Half (2nd Time)
42. Gohma Second Half (2nd Time)
43. Kalle Demos (2nd Time)
44. Jalhalla (2nd Time)
45. Molgera (2nd Time)
46. Illusionary Room
47. Puppet Ganon First Half
48. Puppet Ganon (Puppet Mode)
49. Puppet Ganon (Transformation)
50. Puppet Ganon (Spider Mode)
51. Puppet Ganon (Snake Mode)
52. Puppet Ganon Second Half
53. Ganondorf Battle First Half
54. Ganondorf Battle
55. Farewell Hyrule King
56. Ending
57. Staff Credits
58. Epilogue
59. Aryll's Theme
60. Game Demo

Item Description

A very crisp and clear soundtrack that isn't spoiled by a very low sound setting. unfortunately the entire track listing in is japanese but from what i have listed to myself already it does appear to be the entire game on there. Some tracks do seem so short they are out of place such as the short tunes made by the wind waker itself, however this is probably for a complete track listing thats a whole 73 tracks long for track one and 60 on the second cd.

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Beautiful soundtrack 😍
This is an excellent, excellent soundtrack of one of the best Zelda games of all times. The songs are varied and evoke a sense of adventure and fun. Listening to them is always such an uplifting experience and there are two CDs' worth of more than 130 (!) tracks, admittedly, many are rather short, but that doesn't take away from the overall bang you get for your buck. Get it while it's still available!
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Not bad
A pretty good album. Sad it doesn't have any of the arranged tracks, but it's still a beaut to look at and a good listen.
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Feelings in each song
The music is so awesome even out in the game. Totally worth it
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Best sountrack.
Even though the aren't the original versions, all the 26 tracks remade in real instruments are awesome.
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Really good!!!
Buy it!!!
Just not too much to say here, listen to the music and play the games. That is my reccomendation.
It is a good series that Nintendo should take more into account!!!
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