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The Mountain Between Us

DVD Region 3
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被譽為《珠峰浩劫》及《海嘯奇蹟》後最感人災難鉅作,改編自瘋魔全球的【紐約時報】人氣暢銷小說。將於明日結婚的雅莉(琦溫斯莉),與趕往參加緊急手術的阿班(艾迪斯艾巴),為了準時到達目的地,決定合租小型飛機前往,怎料途中發生意外墜機,兩人僥倖生還,卻被困在冰雪覆蓋的高山,叫天不應叫地不聞! 兩個「陌生人」一同面對險境,靠彼此意志和扶持橫越數百英里荒野,攜手在寒冷的無人之地與死神搏鬥。

- 預告片
- 冰峰下的愛情故事
- 拍攝花絮
- 冰峰求生
- 刪剪片段
- 相片集
- 導演講評

Golden Globe Winner Idris Elba and Oscar Winner Kate Winslet star in this sweeping, suspenseful drama based on Charles Martin??s novel. When a plane they've chartered to beat a storm crashes in a remote mountain area, two strangers (Elba and Winslet) must trust each other in order to survive the extreme elements. With little hope of rescue, they begin a perilous journey that will shape the course of their lives.

Special Feature :
- Theatrical Trailer
- Love and Survival: Creating Chemistry
- Mountain Between Them: Shooting In Isolation
- The Wilds: Survival Stunts
- Deleted Scenes
- Gallery
- Director's Commentary by Hany Abu-Assad


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