The Next Generation: Patlabor – TV Boxset 2 (Episodes 7-12) [2-Blu-rayBoxset]

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The Next Generation: Patlabor – TV Boxset 2 (Episodes 7-12) [2-Blu-rayBoxset]
The Next Generation: Patlabor – TV Boxset 2 (Episodes 7-12) [2-Blu-rayBoxset]
The Next Generation: Patlabor – TV Boxset 2 (Episodes 7-12) [2-Blu-rayBoxset]

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LABOR原本是為了協助重型工業所設計的機械人,它為行業帶來翻天覆地的改變,更提高城中的罪案率。為了撲滅與LABOR有關的罪惡,警方組成新的機動 警察中隊,又稱為特車二課。這亦是機動警察誕生的原因。故事發在21世紀,由於長期的經濟衰退、成本高昂、保養困難的問題,警視廳特車二課第一小隊的機動 警察中隊無奈解散。儘管處境艱難,第二小隊仍然有一群第三代熱血夥伴堅守崗位,努力迎戰每一天。

Set in the year 2013, Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Special Vehicles Section 2 — the so-called “Patlabor” — has made some drastic changes to its labor forces due to the global recession. The name of the unit stems from a robot specifically designed for heavy industry work, called “Labor”, which opened up a new quality of crime, thus the “Patrol Labor” – Patlabor police unit was created.

15 years after the setting of the original Patlabor animated movie, the TMPD was forced to get rid of its former personnel, making space for the next generation of Labor pilots, crew and technicians who took the place of the original 2nd Special Vehicles Division, leaving only Shigeo Shiba (“Shige”), former second-in-command of the mechanics division, as a veteran.

The live action series consists of thirteen episodes (numbered 0-12) and is helmed by none other than the director of the original Patlabor anime, Mamoru Oshii. It is set as a sequel to the Patlabor series, specifically to the three animated movies, although a lot of plot ideas are recycled. In comparison to the movies, the show is much more of a comedy and parody of other works, such as the Kaiju and Real Robot genre, than a police sci-fi thriller.

The complete show is split into two DVD/Blu-Ray Boxsets but the story of Episode 12 will conclude with a feature-length “The Next Generation: Patlabor - The Movie”, also called “Tokyo War”.

Episode 7: TIME BOOM
All of a sudden, the Special Vehicles Section 2 is under bomb threat that turns out to be more than just a bluff. After an initial explosion in the Section 2 offices, a race against time starts to find more bombs that an anonymous caller predicted over the phone. With the threat level rising and the time running out, SV2 is hard pressed to decide whether to abandon their post or risk their lives to save their unit's existence.

Episode 8: LONG-RANGE SNIPER 2000
Kasya, a Russian officer on loan to train with the SV2, is appointed to be the bodyguard of a high level Russian official that is being targeted by a former KGB agent, the sniper call signed “Red Golgo.” Caught between the ghosts of her past and her loyalty towards her new comrades, Kasya has to make a hard decision when she engages in a deadly sniper duel.

Section 2 Division 2 goes on a treasure hunt as they discover an underground labyrinth in the sewers. Story goes that it is populated by white crocodiles that produce precious pearls which leads to a gold-rush amongst the crew. Throw in a lost maintenance team from their predecessors and mutant alligators and you are bound to be in for trouble!

When asked by the Public Safety Department to help smuggling the russian military Labor RT99 that was developed during the cold war, Captain Gotoda declines. But when a terrorist escapes custody to steal the “Red Labor,” Gotoda tries to prevent the worst. The showdown between military model and police Labor seems inevitable, but who will prevail?

Having grown up playing Labor fight simulators, Akira was not much of a socialite or dating a lot. So when she is invited to her high school reunion, memories of her unrequited love for her high-school sweetheart resurface. Once at the reunion party, her feelings are rekindled and things seem to go a different way than expected. But as always in these situations, hidden secrets come to surface and the situation becomes more complicated and dangerous by the minute.

Once more, SV2 is on the brink of being dismantled. To preserve the unit from being dissolved, Captain Gotoda opens the records on his predecessor Captain Goto to the police. The problem is, that this also reveals old skeletons in the closet, mainly an unrealized coup d’état that was led by Gotoda himself...

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