The Quintessential Quintuplets the Movie: Five Memories of My Time with You

Compatible with Nintendo™ Switch (SW)
Version: Japan
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The Quintessential Quintuplets the Movie: Five Memories of My Time with You
The Quintessential Quintuplets the Movie: Five Memories of My Time with You
The Quintessential Quintuplets the Movie: Five Memories of My Time with You

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The Quintessential Quintuplets the Movie: Five Memories of My Time with You is an Adventure game, developed and published by Mages., which was released in Japan in 2022.


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A good VN for big fans of the series
First of all, I'd like to say this is a great game for someone who is a big fan of The Quintessential Quintuplets and who like VN's like myself. Gorgeous art of the characters and the Nakano Quintuplets especially. The character visuals also change to what they are talking about and reacting to which is nice. Beautiful background art of actual places and venues in Japan. The amazing VA's all reprising their roles. And the soundtrack is really good and I appreciate that they put in a music player in-game (which is something VN's need to do more of because I usually love VN music and it's hard to find any music of a very specific VN game online sometimes).

What I first should note that this game is mostly in Japanese. Like 98% of the game is in Japanese with some English text here and there. This can be a HUGE turn off for most people and probably the reason why most fans of the series of the anime/manga have never heard of these games. As far as I know, there are no plans for English subtitles (or any other languages) to be added to the game. This is no surprise since MAGES, the developer, tend to not have any translations of their games which is frustrating. But if you're a really huge fan of the series, chances are you'll probably made due with it.

What's interesting is that this game actually takes place during the end of the movie and mostly after the movie (no spoilers on how that will end but I do recommend watching it first) and it's a sort of "choose your own story path" by choosing which of the Quints you want to confess to. Though I am not sure if any of the endings are canonical, or if the whole game itself is at all. This game is also the sequel to "The Quintessential Quintuplets ∬: Summer Memories Also Come in Five" and prequel to the upcoming game "The Quintessential Quintuplets: Five Promises Made with Her". I recommend also playing these.

The prospect of the game is pretty simple; you first start the game by choosing which Quintuplet you want Futaro Uesugi to confess to. Every once in a while you are given options to respond to what the characters have said. With a okay, good, and best options in with dialogue choice. You receive "points" for picking the good and best dialogue options (except for the first couple of dialogue choices at the beginning of each storyline). These points and how many you have by the end of each storyline determines which ending you get. With 180 points or more gets you the best ending of each storyline. 170 and less gets you the normal ending. And I should note it's MUCH easier to get the best ending because at every dialogue choice, 2 out of 3 dialogue options give points. So if you guess on each dialogue choice, chances are you'll get the best ending. There's also times where you can choose to hang out with certain Quintuplets at certain venues across the island they are vacationing on. Usually a dialogue option will appear in these as well. And depending which one you choose to interact with, you can sometimes also unlock a CG. Which is like character art attached to a certain situation of what the Quintuplets are doing. I recommend always choosing the Quintuplet that you chose to confess to as you can unlock all CG's and Scenes pretty quickly this way and saves time from doing multiple playthroughs of the same Quintuplet.

I managed to 100% the game in about 25 hours, but that is with using saves to choose a different dialogue option on the LAST dialogue choice of each storyline (what I mean here is to get 170 points, save on the last dialog choice of each Quintuplets storyline, choose the dialogue choice that doesn't award points, get the normal ending, reload that save and choose a good dialogue option to get the best ending for each Quint), and skipping already read dialogue so your milage may differ. I didn't skip through unread dialogue as I liked to use the auto text feature and listen to story play out while I did something since I can barely read Japanese. The trophies in the PlayStation 4 version are pretty easy to get if you get all 16 endings (technically 20 probably), all CG's, and Scenes. The music and movies will unlock pretty easily. Music unlocks as soon as the first time you hear it in game. Same with some of the movies as soon as you see them, and a good portion of the movies unlock after completing each of the Quintuplets storylines, I think. But all you got to do is play through each of the quints storyline and get all endings to 100% the game. No fancy secrets or oddly specific set of dialogue choices to unlock everything in the game.

One huge mega gripe I have of the game is that you cannot record or take screenshots for pretty much most of the game. I understand that laws in Japan are different when it comes to intellectual property, but It's just kind of irritating. If you use a capture card and post game footage online, say on YouTube, there's a good chance that MAGES will ask you to take it down. It's probably why you don't see much footage of their games online.

And finally,
Miku is best girl
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Not As Expected
To start off, I bought this game for the geocaching (or, as the game calls it, geohunting) aspect. I didn’t see anything mentioning this is a true visual novel, there are no choices/actions for the player to take. Which was so disappointing! Geocaching/hunting has so much potential in a video game. The story was good, but not great. It took me about 4hrs to complete the novel. The artwork is beautiful, and I’m glad there was an assorted cast of characters. I’m just disappointed I paid this much to read a book on my TV.
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A great game
This is a good game, you can choose the ending you want.
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Must own game for the Nintendo Switch!
Amazing visual novel. Do not let this pass you, get it today! This game has English!
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Not for me.
Premise and plot was actually interesting, but I'm disappointed to discover that they weren't the focal point for this visual novel. It's a good read if you have nothing to play on your Switch since it's short, managed to finish the VN in 4hrs+.
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