Toki Wo Kakeru Melody [Limited Edition] (Vinyl)

Version: Japan
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track listing

Side A
1. コナーラクへ
2. マジカルダンサー
3. アルティッチョの夜
4. サイン
5. 時をかけるメロディー
6. 月光荘

Side B
1. 彼女のジャズマスター
2. 恋はマーブルの海へ
3. それは風のように
4. 汽笛
5. 君に届かないメッセージ
6. スライディングギター (以上収録予定/曲順未定)

Item Description

Sohei Oyamada's 2nd solo album in 3 years will be released on analog vinyl!
This is his 2nd solo album after 3 years since his 1st solo album "THE TRAVELING LIFE" released on August 26, 2020. In addition to "Koi wa Marble no Umi e", the first song written for TV Tokyo's "Nao-chan wa Shogakusei", and "Sliding Guitar" and "Articho no Yoru", the single released in March 2022, the album also includes songs that have never been recorded and performed on tour, as well as songs written when I was 19 years old. In addition to "To the Sea of Marble" and the distributed singles "Sliding Guitar" and "Artichio's Night" released in March 2022, the album contains 12 songs from various eras, including previously unrecorded songs from previous tours, songs written 10 years ago, and completely new songs.


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