Tokyo-Byakuya [w/ Blu-ray Limited Edition]

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Audio CD
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Tokyo-Byakuya [w/ Blu-ray Limited Edition]

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Maaya Uchida's fourth full-length album was produced to commemorate her 10th anniversary as an artist.
Since her debut, Maaya Uchida has acquired a unique musicality through collaboration with a variety of creators/artists and has overwhelmed fans with her live entertainment woven with a strong band sound at solo performances at Nippon Budokan and the Zepp Tour. This work was created with the theme of Tokyo, where she was born and raised. By aligning herself with Tokyo, which repeats dizzying changes and evolution, Maaya Uchida's ``past'' and ``future'' are depicted as ``TOKYO-BYAKUYA'' where reality and fantasy intersect.
A complete album that also includes anime tie-up songs such as ``Do you hear?'', ``Loudhaler'', ``Love You Tender!'', and ``CHA∞IN''.