Touch the Dead

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  • 1st M Rated Horror Shooter for the Nintendo DS.
  • Bring death to the Undead using the stylus and touch screen to destroy every type of zombie that stands in the way of the escape route that leads to safety and the world of the living.
  • Battle your way through hordes of flesh hungry zombies with a deadly arsenal of melee and projectile based weapons. Zombies take damage in 6 six places. Blow limbs off separately!
  • Stand alone or with a friend as you face armies of zombies in infectious, innovative multiplayer and Co-Op story mode using DS Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Immensely addictive arcade-action game play will test the reflexes of even the fastest gamer.
  • Four terrifying chapters of horror, suspense and action lurking around every corner.

Item Description

Unleash hell on the undead in this exciting Arcade style shooter for the Nintendo DS console.You are Rob Steiner (a.k.a. Prisoner #1809), a man who wakes up to find himself the lone human in a jail teeming with zombies. Players use a deadly arsenal of melee and projectile-based weapons and come face-to-face with the never-ending swarm of zombies, none of whom have avoided the icy cold touch of the undead.Along the way, gamers use the unique Nintendo DS touch screen to destroy anything - from inmates to prison staff - that stands in the way of the escape route that leads to safety and a new living world. From maximum security prisons to research facilities, from swampland to airport, pickup your shotgun and blast your way through this action packed zombie fest. And for gamers too weak to fight the good fight alone, they can take advantage of the DS Wi-Fi and bring in reinforcements.

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Not bad
For those gamers who prefer using the stylus to decimate zombies, look no further. I would say the gameplay for the DS version is unique; it all boils down to personal preference. Unique gameplay appeals to me, so that's why I gave it a 4.
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Shocking!! - zombies got the developers brains!
\"Touch the Dead\" is easily one of the worst games on the Nintendo DS.
You play the character Rob Steiner. You\'re a prisoner who\'s just about to be transfered into another prison. But on the last night you stay in your old prison, suddenly the door to your cell opens. You step out, you find a gun, you get confronted with zombies - and you shoot them off.
That\'s basically the plot of the game.
First of all I want to point out the things of the game:
-you can fight zombies (there a no other zombie-games (except RE DS) on the Nintendo DS)
-you can switch between weapons (a nice addition to the arcade shooting genre)

Alright, now comes the bad:
-the graphics are terrible! Every zombies looks the same, often you have to fight one zombie and 7 of his zombie-twin-brother at once! Each stages looks boring, there are only many corridors consisting of 4 or 5 colors, und many rooms that consist of desks (the prison in the game has more desks than any office in the world has!)
-there\'s no music. But wait..there is! In the main menu, and in the boss battles. Unfortunatly in both situations it\'s the same track - heavy metal, introduced by the words \"DEAD \'N\' FURIOUS\". In the game you only hear certain soundeffects in the background, like drops falling from the ceiling, or prison inmates screaming from far away
-the reloading system. In order to reload you weapon you\'ve got to drag and drop a full magazine to your gun. At the beginning this feels pretty refreshing and funny, but there\'s a point in the game at which nearly every zombie needs at least a whole magazine to be shot down. You can imagine how boring, repetitve and ridiculous it is when you spend more time on reloading than actually on shooting.
-the whole gameplay can be discribed by the following words: boring, repetitive, frustrating.
The game is challenging, VERY challening, mostly because of the reloading-system I mentioned above, but what makes it really frustrating are the checkpoints in the game. Each stage consists of a few parts. After each part the game is being saved - you get a checkpoint. BUT (!!) if you are in the last part of a stage and fight the boss (each stage concluded with a boss, yeah), and you die - - - you have to start all over again. You can\'t just start with fighting the boss, no, you\'ve got to play everything again.

This game is NOT like House of the Dead. It\'s boring since the character doesn\'t run, he doesn\'t even walk, he\'s sleepwalking. Enemy appear out of nowhere (sometimes it get so ridiculous that you just wanna cry) and the coolness of the protagonist really...hurts.

Avoid this piece of...bad-game. If you want a zombie challenge on the DS, get Resident Evil DS, but - even if you\'re hardcore zombie-fan - this game is gonna make your money cry.
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