Towaware no Palm (Deluxe Edition)

Compatible with Nintendo™ Switch (SW)
Version: Japan
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Product Languages

Language  Japanese, Cantonese, Simplified Chinese
Towaware no Palm (Deluxe Edition)
Towaware no Palm (Deluxe Edition)
Towaware no Palm (Deluxe Edition)
Towaware no Palm (Deluxe Edition)
Towaware no Palm (Deluxe Edition)
Towaware no Palm (Deluxe Edition)
Towaware no Palm (Deluxe Edition)

Product Features

  • Play in TV, table, and handheld modes, and supports both the Joy-Con and Switch Pro controllers
  • If using a controller, players operate the game by moving a cursor on the screen, and some scenes could also make use of the gyro controller functionality
  • Touch controls are also supported in table and handheld modes. The device in handheld mode can be turned vertically to play just like the smartphone version way
  • Includes larger illustrations, an art gallery, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese language support

Item Description

Towaware no Palm (Deluxe Edition) includes the Main Story, Additional Content Pack A and Additional Pack Content B.

You are brought to a solitary island as a counselor to a young man with amnesia. He has been detained after a certain incident and had gone through other counselors. So to him, you are just another counselor to probe him for questions.

He is distant, avoids eye-contact, wears a hood to conceal. But through the help of text messages, he soon opens up a little bit. At the moment he can’t recall much of his past. He is eager to know more about himself and perhaps more about you. At times he questions himself, why he can't seem to read your heart.

As you get more into the story, you will start to question if there is something more to Haruto and to this island where you have been brought to. One thing is, you can’t leave the island until you bring back Haruto’s memories.

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