Transformers Tataki

Compatible with PlayStation 2™ (PS2™)

For JPN/Asian systems only.
Version: Japan
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Transformers Tataki
Transformers Tataki
Transformers Tataki
Transformers Tataki

Item Description

Action game based on the same called Anime series.あのトランスフォーマーたちが総勢約100人、リアルな3DDになって登場!プレイヤーは正義のサイバトロン軍か悪のデストロン軍を率いて敵の軍団を壊滅させること。簡単な操作でド派手なアクションが飛び出し、ボタン一発でトランスフォームするから爽快感たっぷり!キミの手でトランスフォーマーたちの雄姿がよみがえる!

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Not underrated, crap is crap.
This game is a train wreck, it gets two stars for the inclusion and look of the characters. The story and dialog are just as horrible as the old cartoons, and while it\'s funny at first, it just gets sad after the first 10 minutes. It is a huge missed opportunity that could have been a good game. People that like this game are why bad video games are made, some people will buy anything that has a license on it, sight unseen.

The gameplay is sluggish, the controls are horrible, the combat consists of mashing an attack button over and over, and the fact that very few of the characters actually use a gun is stupid. They all run around and punch each other instead of shooting. Soundwave has a wicked flipkick too. The transformation is mostly useless and just for moving from place to place.

This game came out in 2003 people, look at what other games came out then and compare. This game feels like it was made for the N64 and looks it too.

The game could have been a giveaway in the back of a toy and then maybe it could be forgivable, but anyone that spends more than $5 for this game will feel ripped-off.

It\'s now become something of a myth since many have heard of it, yet few have played it, and it\'s so bad it\'s a trip to watch. It looks like something a fan made for YouTube but it actually was a full price retail game in Japan. Like the Star Wars Christmas Special, it\'s a black spot on the history books that many wish it were to never be seen again.

Avoid at all cost unless you find one for very cheap. It\'s only \"value\" is as a novelty.
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This game, while not spectacular, is far better than most reviewers have painted it. If you happen to be a fan of the Transformers, that is. The sheer number of characters from the original series makes this worthwhile. Add English text and dubbing, and you\'re well on your way.

The controls are a little clunky and take getting used to, and, as with any beat-em-up, the levels are a little repetitive, but I managed to overlook those things. The little touches like the Autobot/Decepticon bumpers between cutscenes made the game fun for me. The voice-acting is pretty bad, but it\'s in English, so I can\'t complain. If you\'re looking at this, you\'re probably a fan of the series, so you\'ll also probably find this game fun. Buy the cheaper \"Best Takara\" copy, though.
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