Trench Run STEAM digital

Compatible with Windows™ (PC)
Version: Region Free
Region Free
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Trench Run
Trench Run
Trench Run
Trench Run
Trench Run
Trench Run
Trench Run

Product Features

  • Local couch-based multiplayer or singleplayer with bots
  • 5 classes with special skills to choose from Assault, Sniper, Demolitions, Commando and Medic
  • Semi random destructible maps
  • Down on the ground? Grab a medikit and continue fighting
  • Play basketball and meet new friends between rounds
  • Spend coins on drinks and cigarettes from the VIP bar
  • Buy customized costumes and pet animals
  • Online multiplayer available
  • Designed to be easy to pick up and play, but deep enough to play seriously

Item Description

As of May 2018, Trench Run has a much lower price to reflect that it is mainly a 4-PLAYER local couch multiplayer game (with optional bots play and online game support). Unfortunately, the game never gained enough momentum to sustain a multiplayer community.

But we still believe that it is a fantastic game to play locally with friends or with bots. It is easy to pick up and fun to play on gamepads. The price is low and in return for buying it, you'll spend a hilarious couple of evenings blasting your friends. Enjoy!

Make friends, then blow them to bits!

Blow your enemies to bits in muddy trenches, then sip wine with them at the bar in the first multiplayer shooter with no death.

Listen to a relaxing feel-good gypsy jazz soundtrack as you watch your screaming enemies ride rockets and explode crashing into walls. Howl with laughter. Repeat.

Turn into a shrub. Have a dance-off. Buy a pet crocodile.

See you at the bar!

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