Triangle Strategy Original Soundtrack

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Triangle Strategy Original Soundtrack

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  • 4 Disc Edition

track listing

Disc 1
1. Main Theme -Our Path-
2. The Kingdom of Glenbrook
3. Crisis
4. Indomitable
5. The Dawn of War
6. Unshaken Conviction
7. He Who is Lord
8. Scales of Conviction
9. Arise, Warriors
10. Combat -March-
11. Congratulations!
12. A Lord's Duty
13. Moment of Truth
14. Deep Within the Ground
15. Ideals and Reality
16. Reason Forsaken
17. Idore Delmira
18. To a New Era

Disc 2
1. Roland's Path
2. Welcome One and Welcome All
3. Aristocrats
4. Combat -Valor-
5. In One Fell Swoop
6. Charge!
7. Anguish
8. The Blackirons
9. Chagrin Concealed
10. No Right Answer
11. The Holy State of Hyzante
12. The Hierophant's Palace
13. Resolute Heart
14. At Inquiry's End
15. Crimson Might
16. Hyzante's Schemes
17. Archduke Gustadolph
18. Unwavering Spear -Roland's Battle-

Disc 3
1. Merriment
2. Yearning for Freedom
3. Of War and Wares
4. A Delicate Situation
5. The Hand of Fate
6. The Saintly Seven
7. Shifting Shadows
8. One with Darkness
9. Combat -March II-
10. Pride of the Three High Houses
11. A Bright Banquet
12. Benedict's Path
13. Combat -Mines-
14. Combat -Adversity-
15. Combat -Subjugation-
16. No Matter the Cost -Benedict's Battle-
17. The Footfalls of War

Disc 4
1. The Grand Duchy of Aesfrost
2. Combat -First Campaign-
3. Travis's Thieves
4. That Day's Events
5. The Light of Family
6. The Tune of Dilemma
7. House Aesfrost
8. Naught but Ashes
9. The Goddess Smiles
10. Combat -Resistance-
11. Until That Day -Frederica's Battle-
12. A Moment of Respite
13. The Diary of Orlaea
14. Combat -Decisive Battle-
15. Combat -Destiny-
16. Elegy of Battle
17. Frederica's Path

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Triangle Strategy Original Soundtrack is finally here!

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Surprise callback to old movie soundtracks?
The music is quite good on its own merit, but I was a little surprised to pick up little stylistic similarities to older (1930s to 70s) orchestral movie soundtracks. Might this serve as a gateway CD to historical giants like Erich Korngold and Bernard Herrmann?
Anyway, that aside, I find that this soundtrack typically aims for tension with a relatively slow tempo - something that Shining Force, among others, have done, which I appreciate a lot. Not only for the nostalgia; I just... appreciate it when a soundtrack keeps in pace with the action. (And, well, an SRPG that is not slow-paced is just doing it wrong.) There's really little to say. The music is good, skillfully composed. If there's anything I can complain about, it is that the acoustics on the recording don't favour the horns as much as I'd like, and the obligatory ending song doesn't grip me at all, but that's the epitome of nitpicking.
There are the usual hits and misses, not surprising for a 4 CD release, but you're sure to find something to like here.
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