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A visual book commemorating the 55th anniversary of the birth of "Ultra Seven". Focusing on "Ultra Seven" broadcasted from 1967 to 1968, and the Heisei Ultra Seven series from 1994 to 2002, detailed explanations with many images such as stories and battle scenes. Among the Ultraman series, "Ultra Seven" is highly rated for its near-future sci-fi worldview and drama, and is also popular as a character. Over the past 55 years, Ultraseven has appeared in various works other than works in which Seven is the main character, such as the Heisei Ultraseven series and 'ULTRASEVEN X'. A book that allows you to fully enjoy Ultraseven, which has always been with the Ultraman series, with a wealth of visuals.

Main contents:
・PART 1 "Ultra Seven" 1967-68
Famous scene gravure, basic setting, introduction of Ultra Seven & Ultra Guard, introduction of story, introduction of aliens & monsters.

・PART 2 Heisei Ultra Seven Series 1994-2002
1) 1994 TV Special Operation Solar Energy/Earth of Earthlings
2) 1998 Ultra Seven 30th anniversary trilogy
3) 1999 Ultraseven 1999 final chapter 6 parts
4) 2002 35th anniversary of Ultraseven "EVOLUTION" 5 parts
 Basic settings for each work in the series, introduction to Ultra Seven & Ultra Guard, introduction to story, introduction to aliens & monsters

・Introduction of Ultra Seven guest performance works
"Ultraman Returns", "Ultraman A", "Ultraman Taro", "Ultraman Leo", as well as "Ultraman Mebius", theatrical versions, and the recent "Ultra Galaxy Fight" series.

Basic settings, Ultra Seven & DEUS, introduction of aliens

・Special interview
A three-way interview with Katsuyuki Yamazaki, who played Team member Masaki Kazamori, Kaoru Ugawa, who played Team member Satomi Hayakawa, and director Shinichi Kanzawa. Talk about the Heisei Ultra Seven series with memories of those days.


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