Umihara Kawase BaZooka & Umihara Kawase Fresh Original Soundtrack

Version: Japan
Audio CD
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  • 2 Disc Edition

track listing

01. Manatsu no shukuhō
02. Sentō (Tutorial, Stage 01 / Fresh! Tutorial)
03. Bokura wa michi no tochū (World 1)
04. Saigo no tatakai (Nokori time 30 seconds)
05. Oyako (World 1 boss, stage 06, 09 / Fresh! boss 「Giga wo tama jakushi」)
06. Tatakai owatte (Result)
07. Kakenukeru wakasa (World 2 / Fresh! Boss「Shirushi no buta」)
08. Big・Big-sen(World 2 boss)
09. Itadaki wo mezashite (World 3)
10. Mae ni wa susumenai (World 3 boss)
11. Championship (World 4)
12. Harami-sen (World 4 boss / Fresh! Harami-sen)
13. Danchi (Stage 4)
14. Izakaya (Stage 11 / Fresh! Quest mae kaiwa, staff roll)
15. Nagatoro sayonara arranged (Stage 13)
16. Stage: Tenkū (Natsu no image) (Stage 16 / Fresh!Tenkū area)

01. Title
02. Main menu
03. Stage: Chihyō (Haru no image)
04. Fukuremmen (Clear)
05. Receipt nyūshu
06. Hama(Result)
07. Fuon (Hoka no soko kara irai)
08. Chūsō area
09. Chika area
10. Shinsō area
11. Kiki
12. Shōshin (Last boss)
13. 「Tokimeki ga me wo samashiteiru」Instrumental arrange
14. Camp (Quest shippai)
15. Tamagawa
16. Gakkō
17. Stage 1 (from Cotton)
18. Visual 2 (from Cotton)
19. Stage 2 (from Cotton)
20. Stage 3 (from Cotton)
21. Stage 4 (from Cotton)
22. Stage 5 (from Cotton)(BaZooka! Stage 17)
23. Stage 6 (from Cotton)
24. Last battle (from Cotton)
25. Ending (from Cotton)
26. Opening (from Cotton)

Item Description

The latest two works in the rubber ring action game ``Umihara Kawase'' series. The original soundtrack is now available!
The ``Umihara Kawase'' series uses a stretchable rubber rope-like tool called a ``lure'' to aim for the goal with wire action. The flexible game system, in which the clear route changes depending on the player's ideas and techniques, has received high praise from many fans.
We will deliver the songs from the two latest works in the series, "Umihara Kawase BaZooKa!" and "Umihara Kawase Fresh!" in a 2-CD set. The booklet includes liner notes from game designer Toshinobu Kondo (Studio Sengen) and producer Shinya Nagatomo (Success) of ``Umihara Kawase BaZooKa!'' and ``Umihara Kawase Fresh!''.


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