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Preliminary Picture
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Until Dawn
Until Dawn
Until Dawn
Until Dawn
Until Dawn
Until Dawn

Product Features

  • Star in a Horror Film You are alone in the woods on a cold winter night. Uncover who is hunting you and your friends in a thrilling experience full of desperate action and puzzle solving
  • Full control and interactivity More immersive thrills as you use your PlayStation Move as a flashlight to light the shadows, tune radios, fire shotguns, solve puzzles and hook up with the hot cheerleader
  • Pass the flashlight, share the fear Face your fears alone or take a cue from the on-screen cast, and pass your controller over to a friend
  • Evolving story and relationships Play as multiple characters throughout the story, discover who your friends really are, and experience multiple endings as your actions determine the finale

Item Description

Hormones, High School and DEATH:
8 teenagers visit a mysterious site in the woods in memorial of their friend's unexplained disappearance; it is the anniversary of this event, and these teenagers are after some closure, and maybe a chance to hook up undisturbed. Little do they know that waiting for them is something far more disturbing than sweaty awkward make-out sessions; lurking in these woods lies a sinister killing intent.

Written by a Hollywood Horror Cult Screenwriter, Until Dawn captures the essence and soul of slasher movies and brings it to a new level of interaction.

A Twisted Tale That Will Make You Move:
From Supermassive Games, this PS Move exclusive boasts the most natural movement possible in a game where ever move is imperative to survival. Used as a flashlight to illuminate the secrets and shadows, navigate though an experience full of desperate action and puzzle solving. As well, within context of the situation, the PS Move controller will automatically map itself to whatever action is happening on screen, thus making movement intuitive and easy.

Everyone Will Probably Save the Cheerleader:
Until Dawn will feature much replayability as the immersive thrills of discovering who is killing who lends itself an evolving story with killer dialogue, moral choices on who to save and who to leave behind, and 30 different multiple endings!


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