Unwell Mel (DVD-ROM)

Compatible with Windows™ (PC)
Version: Europe
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Unwell Mel (DVD-ROM)
Unwell Mel (DVD-ROM)
Unwell Mel (DVD-ROM)
Unwell Mel (DVD-ROM)

Product Features

  • Timed and Relaxed modes
  • Over 300 levels of medicinal match-3!
  • Get special remedies from Ed the Salesman
  • Use quirky upgrades and bonuses to help Mel!
  • Cure a variety of amusing ailments
  • Every day brings a new challenge...

Item Description

Poor Mel has every ailment in the book, and you`re the only one who can cure him. Use your scanner to figure out what’s wrong with him, whether it’s too much junk food, or some zany virus.

Match different food items, medical bags and bugs to dispel Mel`s blues and bring him back to good health. Buy special remedies, like snake-oil, from “Ed” the salesman to aid your efforts. Help Mel get well now!

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