Utagumi 575

Compatible with PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)
Version: Japan
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Utagumi 575
Utagumi 575
Utagumi 575
Utagumi 575
Utagumi 575
Utagumi 575
Utagumi 575

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Rhythm's New Genre:

Utagumi 575is a game that creates new ground fora genre; by takingliterary sensibilities and mixing itwith popular Japanese music, the Haiku -a Japanese poetic form that follows the strict rule of 3 lines following 5 to 7 to 5 syllables per line - a new style of gameplay is invented. Instead of the formulaic approach of only matching button presses to various tempo based patterns,Utagumi 575incorporates this with a hiragana guessing game. The result for players is that after fulfilling the correct cadence requirements, a prompt for missing Japanesecharacters appears, and these are filled in by paying attention to the phrase be displayed, the context of the song, and rules of a Haiku.

Inspired By Vocaloid:

While this may sound complicated, the intuitive user interface makes it easy to instantly transition into this new style of play. In fact, any one who is familiar with games likeHatsune Miku Project Diva For any Vocaloid games for that matter will feel right at home, as many aspects of this game are developed by Vocaloid contemporaries; aside from gameplay differences, there will definitely be a robust selection of songs.

Anime Haiku:

Graphically, everything is designed with a strong anime influence; from cinematic cutscenes, gameplay and animated movies, everything moves with the fluidity appropriate to a new flagship franchise. It is extremely easy to be charmed by the distinct personalities of protagonistsAzuki and Matcha; the former is a free spirited girl who moves and attracts those around her with a vivacious energy and the latter being one of independent though and introspective charisma.

As the first product of Sega's Project 575, this game can be recommended to music, anime and even Japanese literature fans!


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Для расслабления, медитации и... реакции
Ритм-игра с парой милых девчушек, которые танцуют под приятные слуху композиции. Вместо функциональных кнопок используются сенсорный экран и задняя тач-панель.

Играть без знания японского можно, т.к. диалогов между героинями мало, да и интефейс довольно прост. Однако, в геймплее присутствуют моменты, когда при исполнении песни игра выводит на экран выбор из пары куплетов, которые нужно либо подставить в правильном порядке, либо выбрать нужные для получения бонуса к счетчику... Но эта проблема решается методом "проб и ошибок" :)
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The real challenge is getting the lyrics right...
All prior reviews were made from the perspective of non-Japanese speakers, so mine will be from someone who fully understood it and of course, enjoyed it.

The rhythm parts are not particularly difficult, which is a surprise since the Extreme level that Sega introduced from the second game of the Project Diva series up to the present required almost superhuman reflexes. In 575's case, finding the right lyric part is key to getting a perfect score. The full version has some odd tempos, but nothing particularly taxing.

For some reason, the featured songs are rather obscure even if they were made by now-established Vocaloid composers, so no cheat sheet can be found online; it is all a matter of trial and error. Some erroneous lyrics even twist the message of the song to a humorous extent.

After playing the basic songs for the month (read: story chapter), remixed versions with different lyric parts will be unlocked. Purchasing "word banks" from the in-game store allows the player to make their own customized mix, adding flavorful idiosyncrasies ranging from high society girl speak (desu wa) to period patterns (de gozaru).

On an unrelated note, the promotional anime kinda veers off from how the game does it; For the latter, their dance numbers are live streamed but in the former, they shoot a clip then upload on a video site.
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For Music Rhythm and Vocaloid fans, even if you don't know Japanese.
I learned about this game off another import of mine, Miracle Girls Festival, and after some research I decided to get Utagumi as well. It's quite fun.

Even knowing ZERO Japanese I am able to easily play and enjoy this game. Having to pick the lyrics is total guess work for me, but it doesn't even ruin your basic combo if you mess it up. So guess away. The touch only controls work well, even the usage of the back touch pad, and none of that is usually my thing.

The characters are really cute and entertaining, and NOT oversexualized which I really like a lot.

Doing the songs and being able to unlock costumes and backgrounds and such is a breeze. With some trial and error and familiarity with these kinds of games I'd say it's still well worth a purchase even not understanding a single bit of Japanese.
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good game
contains a variety proper to play, no dlc necessary! just play with every game unlockables (is many many as backgrounds, customes, themes)
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UtaKumi 575
Awesome game to who Love Vocaloid, iDOL Animes or Rhythm Games~ Really good~
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