VGA Switch

Compatible with Windows™, Xbox360™
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VGA Switch

Product Features

  • The VGA Switch has two RGBHV and two Audio signals. Output one set of signal to a monitor or an audio device.
  • When the Xbox 360™ game screen and a PC have to share one monitor, the VGA Switch helps you avoid the hassles of removing and plugging in VGA cables repeatedly.
  • The VGA Switch will allow you to have the Xbox 360™ and an HDTV plugged in at the same time without having to disconnect any cables.
  • VGA Switch can keep the input signal consistent without any increase or decrease in quality.
  • Audio output signal port is compatible with a standard AV and a headphone port.
  • Will support all resolution modes for the Xbox 360™ and PC.
  • The screen frequency depends on the display device’s frequency. Xbox 360™ VGA Switch will never change the frequency.

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Very Handy product!
This product + HD Fury 3 + HDMI + Monitor = everything you need!
Oh and of course speakers!
Nice to have a switch from PS3, XBOX, etc., without having to pull the RGB cord over and over again!
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great buy, but change the cable for best clarity
I just bought an HD monitor from a friend that only has HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs, and my Xbox 360 is one of the earlier SKUs that doesn't support HDMI so VGA is the only way I can hook my 360 up to this monitor, and with this switch, I don't have to keep unplugging and switching cables when I want to play my xbox 360.

I needed to buy the xbox VGA HD AV cable as well to plug into this switch, but it works great. the setup is very simple and the picture is clear, but like many have said here i had ghosting issues. I replaced the cable that comes with the switch though and that got rid of the problem mostly. I'm giving it 4 stars because having to replace the cable to get a clear picture drives the cost of the product up (maybe 10USD for a new one) and that's not right that they're shipping this with a bad cable. Otherwise it's a great buy, and I highly recommend it.

One issue i have noticed though is that with my PC (using windows vista) if i have the switch hooked up to my laptop when turning my computer on or resuming from sleep mode, the resolution of the monitor falls back to 800x600. Hooking up the my computer directly to the monitor and then back to the switch will force the monitor back into it's native resolution of 1920x1080 however. I'm pretty sure this is an issue with my monitor and not the switch, but I just wanted to put it out there just in case anyone else was having a similar issue.
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Excellent piece of hardware for Dreamcast and XRGB-3
I use this VGA Switch to change input on my PC monitor between the XRGB-3 and the Dreamcast. I used a spare cable I had around instead of the cable being boxed with this item, as some reviews said the boxed one is bad quality. With my cable, the picture quality and sound on this VGA switch is great! I recommend this item to anyone with the same needs as me.
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This is what i want
Good device that let u switch between PC or Gaming system.Easy setting & easy use.It totaly what i want that i finding so long.
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Good Solution Bad wires
The solution is fine . You can switch from Tv to pC or Xbox 360(with VGA Cable) to PC easily. But the PC clarity diminishes greatly because of Ghosting. So as said in other reviews you may have to replace the cable with it. i have still not done that replacement, so the useablility is not there as of now. Ghosting is there. But still the solution is good.
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