Viva Pinata [Limited Edition]

Compatible with Xbox360™ (X360)
Version: Asia
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Language  English, Chinese
Viva Pinata [Limited Edition]
Viva Pinata [Limited Edition]
Viva Pinata [Limited Edition]
Viva Pinata [Limited Edition]
Viva Pinata [Limited Edition]
Viva Pinata [Limited Edition]



Product Features

  • Interact with the piñatas: Getting to know and understand the personalities and requirements of your piñatas is essential if you want them to stay happy and thrive.
  • Interact with the characters: Decide how much help you want from the local guides, shopkeepers, and work force. Go it alone or get them involved—you choose
  • Watch them grow: Discover the secrets of more than 60 different candy-filled piñata animals to see them grow, change, fight, and even dance!
  • Anything can happen: Guide a constantly evolving, vibrant world to keep your piñata happy and protect them from dangers threatening to break them open.
  • Tend your garden: It’s not just new piñata species that are drawn to your world—untamed sour piñatas with bad attitudes and troublemaking ruffians do their worst to spoil your creation and must be dealt with.
  • Maintain harmony: Maintaining harmony within a growing community isn’t always easy when rivalries, illness, injuries and even candy-spilling fights occur. If you turn your back, who knows what their piñatas will do?
  • Personalized world: Customize your world and your piñata animals to reflect your style and create a pet paradise unlike any other.
  • Interact online: Via Xbox Live, contact other gamers to lend a hand, lay down a competitive challenge, or trade items.

Item Description

Viva Piñata™ is a window to another world where wild-roaming, living piñata animals inhabit a growing, changing garden world. Take control of this environment and the piñata within it, influencing its contents to create your very own pet paradise.Once you have resident piñatas, begin to personalize your loyal community. Piñatas can be individually named and given their own personally designed tag to put on display as a declaration of their home turf. The customization doesn’t end there. Make the colorful critters more distinctive by customizing them with all kinds of costumes and accessories.

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Very vibrant colours and enjoyable.
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Viva Pinata
Parents, do take note. Don\'t play this delightful Viva Pinata game for the Xbox 360 until you speak to your kids about the birds and the bees. This game requires players to hook up Pinatas of the same species to produce offspring in a mandatory activity called \"romancing\". If this isn\'t sensitive, try explaining why the sweet Pinatas can eat others to survive. So, player beware: hidden behind the cute and colorful designs is a very realistic simulation game that may be too complex to understand for some kids. But there\'s no denying the appeal of the colorful and gaudy Pinatas -- those Mexican stuffed animals that can be bashed open to reveal sweets and candies during children\'s parties.

In fact, you can give the Pinatas a handy whack with a shovel to release the candies hidden in them so that other Pinatas can feed on them. The game looks simple: build a beautiful garden to attract all sorts of Pinata animals to come in and make themselves at home. The more Pinata species you attract, the higher the chance that you can lure more desirable rare Pinatas to visit your beautiful garden. To do this, players have to pretty up their gardens with grass and flowers so as to create a lively and thriving Pinata ecosystem. The more Pinatas you convert into permanent residents, the more valuable your garden becomes -- earning you awards, better tools, more money and access to shops as rewards for success.

At times, Viva Pinata feels like a \"gotta get \'em all\" Pokemon type of collection game, where you get all the 60-plus Pinata species available even if it takes you months and years to do so. You can\'t really go wrong with the controls, as every relevant button press is clearly shown onscreen to make it easy to manage your garden. But the game gets more complex, as Pinatas fight among each other and bad Pinatas start invading your turf. Managing the entire ecosystem is challenging. You need to be on your toes as something is going on in every corner of the garden. You may be buying a Pinata in one corner and sacrificing another one elsewhere.

If you like, you can delegate these tough decisions to selected proxies who look like Pinata humans. A prent-child combo tag team is highly recommended to get the most out of this game, which is pretty open-ended: there is no truly wrong or right way to build your garden. Be prepared to have your kids hooked on Viva Pinata -- which deserves to be a big hit -- as they will likely stick with this addictive game until they have it beaten.
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Viva Piñata Portuguese!!!
Sou brasileiro, e além de ter adorado este jogo, tenho uma boa notícia:

A versão NTSC/J Asia de Viva Piñata tem versão em português do Brasil, totalmente dublada por dubladores de desenho animado brasileiros. Excelente dublagem e tradução.

I\'m Brazilian, and have good news for any prospective buyers of this game (NTSC/J Asia version, the one I have) in Brazil, Portugal, Angola, etc:

It\'s fully dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese, and it is a very well done job, no translation errors I could spot.
Great game.
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100% em português brasil também
O jogo é incrivel e está 100% em português do brasil também! Ótimo trabalho da play-asia, chegou aqui em 11 dias úteis!!
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This game s awesome. I literally played the game til morning.Its really addictive.
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