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Warhawk Official Strategy Guide

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  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Ribbons, Badges, and Medals: All the accolades and how to get each one.
  • Ranking System Revealed.
  • Scoring System Tables.
  • Weapon and Vehicle Damage Tables.
  • Map-specific Strategy.
  • Detailed Maps with Callouts for every Weapon, Pickup, and Vehicle. one.
  • Expert strategies for all modes of gameplay.
  • BradyGames is Official and Exclusive on this title.


The long-awaited remake to the PlayStation hit takes flight on thePLAYSTATION3. In Warhawk , players will experience a true full-scale war inan intense online multiplayer arena. Take to the skies and engage in high-speedaerobatic dogfights or hover to provide crucial aerial support to surging groundtroops. Unleash an artillery assault with heavily armored tanks and all terrainvehicles. Advance on-foot to frontline positions and key locations with an arrayof devastating weapons, mounted guns and emplaced defense turrets.Experience the online modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture theFlag and a brand new game type, Zone. Large scale battles and up to 32 playerswill encourage teamwork and emphasize strategy for an invigorating combatexperience.

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