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Warning From The Wild

DVD Region 3
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All over the planet, temperature increases are affecting wildlife. Some species are spreading to new areas. For others, climate change means extinction. This film draws together the most recent scientific evidence of the effects of the biggest climatic upheaval for 10,000 years.In the Arctic, climate changes are tangible ¡s as the Earth warms, the ice caps melt .A scientist there has been studying polar bears for 30 years and has noticed how thin they are getting. Polar bears depend on the ice to hunt seals. If the ice breaks up in early spring, the bears go hungry. At the other end of the world in the Antarctic, the pattern is repeated. The Adelie penguin, which also depends on the ice, is losing ground .As they retreat south, other penguin species which prefer open water are quick to move in and take their place. On the islands of the Maldives, scientists have detected signs of coral recovery, but if sea temperatures continue to rise another bleaching will occur. We still have time to prevent coral extinction......

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