Warriors Orochi 3

Compatible with Xbox360™ (X360)
Version: US
Version: Japan
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Language  Japanese
Subtitles  English
Warriors Orochi 3
Warriors Orochi 3
Warriors Orochi 3
Warriors Orochi 3
Warriors Orochi 3
Warriors Orochi 3



Product Features

  • Bonds System The relationships between all of the different playable characters are represented by a Bonds system. If you improve the Bonds between characters, True Triple Attacks featuring these characters will be strengthened, Support Attacks become more frequent, conversations and interactions between these characters become more varied, and new stages will be unlocked
  • Musou Battlefields Edit any cleared stages from Story Mode or Free Mode and create your own original battlefield. You can edit the battlefields by changing voice lines and the characters who appear. You can also acquire Musou Battlefield Elements in Story Mode, which can be used here to add even more interesting new facets to your original battlefields
  • Online Play Two players can play together online in Story Mode and Free Mode. Speak to the network Assistant in the Camp to enjoy online play. You can either recruit a playing partner for a stage you have already completed, or respond to a recruitment call from another player
  • Character Development All officers possess one special Skill. The more enemies they defeat, the more their Proficiency level with that Skill increases, and the more effective their mastery of the Skill becomes. EXP earned during battle are converted to Growth Points, which can be freely distributed among your allies to level them up
  • Weapon Fusion The more weapon is used, the stronger it becomes. You can also fuse two weapons together to create a single, more powerful weapon. Weapon Fusion can also allow attributes to be transferred to the new weapon, or existing attributes to be strengthened to higher levels

Item Description

Several years after the battle against the Serpent King, Orochi. The heroes of the Three Kingdoms period of China and the Warring States States era of Japan continued their struggles to seize control of this new universe, even after its creator had perished.But those petty human struggles would suddenly be brought to an end, as a terrible and collosal monster appeared, casting its vast shadows across the land.Resembling a giant serpent with eight heads, it destroyed castle and devoured entire towns. Their military resources drained from the constant warfare, the humans had no chance against it.There were some warriors who survived the initial wave of carnage. They joined forces, and formed a Resistance Army to tackle the might of the beast.But it was too strong..The remaining members of the Resistance Army were in utter despair, until a mysterious woman appeared before them." Human strength alone is not enough to slay that beast."She provided them another source of strength - the ability to travel back in time and change the past...

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Awesome game!
Very few games can get me glued onto my seat playing them! The game is not too difficult and the characters are rather fun to play with as well as level up. Loads of characters to choose from makes it a very nice game. This game gives me immense stress relief after a long day's work! Awesome!
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Good Game
this is a very good game from the warriors saga, i recomend so much this game.
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1 of the best hack n slash/beat them up game ever made. should have it now b4 its to late bcuz;
- best price to buy
- easy to get achievement for full gamescore
- fast n safe delivery
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Good Storyline!
The storyline of the game is quite interesting. I personally like hack & slash games like Dynasty Warriors so this game is no doubt an awesome game for me!
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this game is very good!
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