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Weeds on Fire (Special Edition)

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Weeds on Fire (Special Edition)


1984年,獅子山下一個鮮為人知的球場裡,一支棒球隊的歷史故事,卻逐漸被人遺忘……當年,香港第一支華人少年棒球隊 — 沙燕隊成立,十名年青棒球員與香港一同處於躁動不安之時,帶著青春鬱結的沙燕隊眾人,被一場又一場的大敗羞辱過後,一直在放棄與堅持之間徘徊。在一念之間、掙扎之中,他們修煉勇氣、突破自己,戰勝鬱結;在黃金時代中,打出自己的光輝歲月,與香港一同成長。終於,沙燕隊迎來與強敵日本水牛隊的終極一戰……

- 刪剪片段: 1. 第一次約會 2. 曾生送蘋果 3. 沙燕的心聲 4. 曾生的演講
- MV: 1. 《沙燕之歌》 2. 《Seems Like So Far Away》
- 製作待輯、預告片

The 1st FFFI Winning Film Projects Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau first launched the First Feature Film Initiative (FFFI) in March 2013 to identify new talents through a competition on screenplay and production proposals. In the year of 1984, Sino-British Joint Declaration was signed and the future of Hong Kong became unclear. In the stream of history, this story of a baseball team beneath the Lion Rock had gradually been forgotten: In that year, 'Shatin Martins', the first Hong Kong youth baseball team, was formed. The 10 young players were living an uneasy and restless life as Hong Kong. Being humiliated by one defeat after another, the faith of 'Shatin Mart their strong rival, the Japanese Buffalo ins' hanged in the balance. However, the hardship only brought out their bravery to surmount themselves and overcome the struggles. Living in the golden age, these players ignited their glory with every game as they grew together with their ...

Special Feature:
- Deleted scene
- MV
- Making of and Trailer

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