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Weiss Schwarz Booster Pack Pixar All Stars (Set of 16 Packs) (Re-run)

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  • 9 cards in 1 package & 16 packages in 1 box. (radomly sssorted)
  • Limited availability
  • Actual product may differ from photos.


An all-star pack containing a large number of PIXAR works in addition to the works recorded in the TD + released so far!
All cards include glittering parallel specifications! Luxo Rare with luxurious foil stamping is included as a special rarity of the familiar character Luxo Jr. at the opening of PIXAR works! Pixar Rare is a special rarity with a logo stamped on the famous scenes of each work. Collect cards with your favorite characters and illustrations and have fun!

Recording Parallel Rarity:
- Luxo (Luxo Rare)
- SSP (Super Special Rare)
- SP (Special Rare)
- PXR (Pixar Rare)
- SR (Super Rare)

Neo Standard Classification - Can be made into decks with cards with numbers starting from "PXR/".

*Please note that there is a possibility that our ordered quantity will be cut by the supplier.


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