Wildlife Park 2

Compatible with Windows™ (PC)
Version: Asia
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Language  English

Product Features

  • 20 missions around the world.
  • 50 different animal species, 30 plant species.
  • More than 100 animal houses, visitor facilities, staff buildings, decorative park elements, and enclosure equipment.
  • Direct interaction with the animals, e.g. petting, feeding, shooing, etc.
  • Realistic animal behaviour with individual social and sex lives, birth and aging, aggression, and trainability.

Item Description

Wildlife Park 2 offers players a spectacular 3D wildlife experience as yet unparalleled in simulation games. This game is centred on the animals' interaction with the players themselves, their fellow creatures, the landscape, the play apparatus, and with the visitors to the park. The animals' lifelike behaviour, the high-quality movement animation, and the realistic plant, water and weather simulations make Wildlife Park 2 a real treat for everyone not just for animal and nature-lovers. Take on the role of a zoo director and make sure that your park is a place where animals and people are well looked after! This doesn't just mean keeping an eye on the budget; you'll also be facing the challenge of reconciling economy and ecology. The ability to breed back long-extinct species is a special bonus.

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