Winning Eleven 10

Compatible with PlayStation 2™ (PS2™)

For JPN/Asian systems only.
Version: Japan
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Winning Eleven 10
Winning Eleven 10
Winning Eleven 10
Winning Eleven 10
Winning Eleven 10
Winning Eleven 10
Winning Eleven 10


  • New game mode "International Challenge" (World Cup mode)
  • New "Random Selection Match"
  • Pitch Reporter added
  • New operations added (Matthew's trick)
  • Master League table added
  • Increased control (sensitivity for reaction)
  • Less red/yellow cards are issued
  • Changing players responds faster
  • Stronger CPU


Konami's popular soccer simulation series continues with a release dedicated to the 2006 World Cup. Produced by Shingo Takatsuka (responsible for previous Winning Eleven releases as well), several improvements have been made to allow an even more realistic as well as uninterrupted game flow.The game features new player motions, with particular attention having been paid to movement for when players shoot. The cursor change now reacts more sensitively when selecting your active player as well as less yellow & red card issued by the referee. The CPU's A.I. has been improved further, giving each team a more characteristic touch. Further, a Pitch Reporter is now joining the game in addition to the usual commentary.The Master League mode now allows you to switch between having a player grow with age or stay the same as the default settings. Also new is a Quick Start option, where by pressing R1 and L1 together when prompted, you can make the match start immediately. Newcomers will appreciate some of the optional simplifications WE10 makes. A new "Simple Setting" automates some tasks, letting the computer handle team formation and substitutions.Further, two new modes of play have been added. The new International Challenge mode lets you select a national team from around the world and aim for top world status. This mode starts off with regional tournaments set in Asia, North America, South America and Europe, each with different regulations. The other new mode of play revealed so far is Random Selection Match mode, where you make use of a team comprised of randomly selected players.シリーズ集大成。サッカーゲーム本来の”爽快感”がパワーアップ!シリーズ10作目となる今作。ドリブルで相手を抜く、パスを通す、シュートを決める。サッカーゲーム本来の”爽快感”をパワーアップするように、細部にわたってチューニングしました。・操作性が向上選手を思い通りにダイレクトに動かす感覚を重視し、操作したときの選手の動きや反応を一新。・流れを切らない試合運びファウルのジャッジを適正化。また、カーソルチェンジをチューニングすることで、流れを切らない快適な試合運びを実現しました。進化を極める。”リアルさ”をさらに追求!今作から、1人プレイのとき対戦相手となる「コンピュータチーム」に個性を付加しました。「コンピュータチーム」が、各チーム特有の”らしい”動きをします。・各モードの楽しさが倍増相手チームの個性化により、「マスターリーグ」や「ニッポンチャレンジ」、新モード「インターナショナルチャレンジ」が、さらに”リアル”に楽しめます。◆「インターナショナルチャレンジ」◆ナショナルチームを使い、地区予選から勝ち上がり世界一の座を狙う新モードです。最新作ならではの新機能・「インターナショナルチャレンジ」のほかに、対戦プレイをさらに熱くする「ランダム・セレクションマッチ」モードが初登場。・実況・解説に加え、新たに「ピッチレポーター」を追加。・新操作(マシューズフェイント・クイックリスタートなど)を追加。・「マスターリーグ」に、成長・衰退のオン・オフ機能と、成長曲線の表示のオン・オフ機能を追加。・シリーズ初心者にとっては複雑な、試合前のフォーメーション設定や選手起用を、コンピュータが自動的に行ってくれるクイックメニューを搭載。

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No title
Es ist sehr cool und klasse!!
Ich spiele schon jahrelang Pro Evolution Soccer!!
FIFA ist nur was für warmduscher!
winning eleven 10, oder pro evolution sind eifach besser, vorallem die Grafik die mir wichtig ist!!
Ich habe jede Ausgabe von 2 bis 5 der PES
Alles gute für das Winning eleven team
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WE10 is ok. I think 8 was better than 9 (too easy to defend). At least in 10 you have to worry about your crap keeper. I still can\'t stand what they did to 1-2s (making the runner start REAL slow)!!!
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konami dropped the ball this time
this game is a real letdown. i\'ve played WE for years. 7 was great, 8 was close to football nirvana, 9 was even closer.. and 10. utter rubbish!!! i wouldnt be surprised if FIFA overtakes them this year. shame on you konami. almost every slide tackle is followed by a card. goalkeepers push simple shots into their own net. a good dribbler can take the ball from his own half, dribble past 10 defenders and tap a shot towards the keeper, only for him to push it into his own net. arrrgggh... makes me so mad. Come on Konami. fix this piece of *&%@&$&@* before you release the english edition.
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pes 6
i cant wait till PES6 comes out!! I hope they can get more licences for the player and team names/kits also more individual tricks for special players would be great. THank you Konami for the best football game in the owrld (anyone who compares pes to fifa obviously doesnt know what hes talking about
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