Wixoss TCG Booster Pack DIVISIONS DIVA WXDi-P15 (Set of 14 Packs)

Version: Japan
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Product Features

  • 14 Packs/Box (8 Cards/Pack)

Item Description

- New center rigs for Lil, Eldora, Guzuko, Carnival, LION, and Egg are now available!
- A new Diva battle begins between the three factions: [Liberation faction], [Struggle faction], and [Defense faction]!

[6 LR rigs from the WIXOSS successive series are now available as center rigs! ]
- 6 LRIGs participate in the battle: [Lil], [Eldora], [Guzuko], [Carnival], [LION], and [Egg]!
- [Carnival], which has newly acquired the power of [green], appears for the first time!
- [Remember], [Alphou], and [Hanare] will participate in Assist Rig!
- Even more dream team combinations!

[[Liberation faction] [Struggle faction] [Defense faction] Three camps heat up the battle! ]
- Many LRIGs and SIGNI included in this bullet include cards that belong to three factions!
- Exercise the power of unity by stacking cards [Liberation faction]
- Use the power of overflowing coins [Struggle faction]
- [Defense faction] that makes full use of the ancient power [Gate] Three unique factions will make the battle even more exciting!
- In addition, many LRIGs wearing new colors will participate as SIGNI!

[Limited to the first production, includes 7 cards (*) in the world! ]
- Contains a total of 6 types, including a rare card with a serial number [Lil], of which only 7 exist in the world!
*There are a total of 6 types included in this bullet, and 7 pieces of each are included only in the first production.

[You can get [Servant #] as a BOX inclusion bonus! ]
- BOX inclusion bonus includes [Wixoss TCG Special Servant # Pack Vol. 2] (randomly selected from 6 types) containing [Servant #] designed by LRIG!

*Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of items in one box.
*Please note that there is a possibility that our ordered quantity will be cut by the supplier.


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