Wixoss TCG Booster Pack Loth Selector WX24-P2 (Set of 14 Packs)

Version: Japan
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Item Description

Girls who were once selectors become LRIGs and head into a new battle!
[Ruko] [Yuzuki] [Akira] [Hitoe] [Iona] from the new story [selector loth WIXOSS] that takes place 10 years after the anime Selector series joins the battle!

・Aim for victory by making full use of LRIG's special moves [Arts]!
・Contains many arts with [Recollect]! Strategies using arts are further strengthened!

・Some [LRIG] and [Arts] also include special edition illustrations!
・LV3 Lurig and LR (Luligrea) Arts include cards with special edition illustrations in addition to the regular edition!

・New [piece] [assistor rig] included!
・Diva Selection also includes new cards of the familiar [Peace] and [Assist Rig]!

・Contains [FAR (Full Art Rare)] that shows off nostalgic card illustrations to the fullest!
・Includes selector's memorable memorial cards as full illustration cards! All cards are sparkling!

・Limited to the first production. Contains 10 cards (*1) in the world!
・Only included in the first production run! Includes a rare card with a serial number, of which there are only 10 in the world!
・Includes rainbow-colored three-dimensional foil-stamped autographs from voice actors!

*Randomly assorted.

[1 pack = 8 cards]
[1 BOX = 14 packs]
[Types = 95 types + α]

* Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of items in one box.
* Please note that there is a possibility that our ordered quantity will be cut by the supplier.


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