X-Men Legends

Compatible with GameCube™ (GC)

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Product Features

  • Unlockable items
  • Written by veteran X-Men writers
  • Explore the Xavier Mansion and play as the X-Men
  • Four player simultaneous action

Item Description

The group that gives mutants a bad rap, The Brotherhood, have freed their leader, Magneto. And he has plans to turn the Earth into an eternal winter wonderland. Call on the X-Men to save the Earth from the deep freeze.

In this action RPG, you control a team of four mutants as your X-Men span the globe to stop Magneto. As your team fights, you control one member and the computer AI fights for the others. At any time, you can switch characters by pressing a direction on the Control Pad. Via the A and B Buttons, your character performs different combat combos or simply deliver simple strikes. Outside of jumping, your character can also pick up and throw enemies and items within the environment, such as trash cans. Pressing the R Button enables your X-Men character to perform a signature move.

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