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The popular series "Perfect Catalog" that thoroughly dissects home-use retro hardware from both hardware and software, the 13th is the X68000, not a home-use game machine, following MSX. The 16-bit machine released by Sharp in 1987 bundled "Gradius", which looks like an arcade, with the catch copy Beyond the dream. We will thoroughly suck the X68000 with the dreams of such various people from the development process to the social situation at that time.

This is a complete book of X68000 that allows you to re-recognize the charm of that hobby computer that you learned by playing crazy as a child.

It is a perfect catalog that will surely be a valuable resource when talking about X68000.

● Complete introduction of X68000 hardware including spec information.
● Introducing more than 750 titles of software released in Japan with screens and package photos.
● Posted a list in alphabetical order at the end of the book that is convenient for searching.

Chapter 1: X68000 Hard Research
X68000PRO / PRO2
X68000 Compact
X68030 Compact
-Detailed spec information including CPU, graphic display capability, sound function, and communication function.

Chapter 2: X68000 Game Software All Catalog
Introducing more than 1400 titles of game software released in Japan with packages and screen shots in order of release year and manufacturer.

Appendix: database
List of X68000 hardware in Japan
Japan domestic X68000 game software index

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Awesome reference for X68000 enthusiasts!
This book is a pretty comprehensive listing of X68000 hardware and software. There’s a lot of really obscure, interesting stuff in there, highly recommended!
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