Xenoblade Original Soundtrack

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Product Features

  • 4 Disc Edition

track listing

Disc 1:
1. メインテーマ
2. プロローグA
3. プロローグB
4. 日常
5. 思い出
6. 親しき人への想い
7. モナド発動
8. 危機
9. 敵との対峙
10. 悲しみ
11. 神秘
12. 回想
13. 焦り
14. 陰謀
15. 悔恨
16. 顔つき
17. 不安
18. 引けない戦い
19. 予感
20. 回想/オルゴール
21. 伝説の勇者リキ

Disc 2:
1. エギル
2. 巨大な影
3. 悲壮な決意
4. シュルクとフィオルン
5. リキの優しさ
6. 希望(ゲーム中未使用)
7. 忍び寄る影
8. 緊張
9. 決戦前夜
10. 想いは内に…
11. 怒り、心の闇
12. 巨神の目覚め
13. 精神世界
14. ザンザ
15. 神を絶ちし剣
16. 雄大
17. 別れ、そして…
18. それぞれの未来へ
19. Beyond the Sky
20. エピローグ

Disc 3:
1. 故郷
2. 故郷/夜
3. コロニー9
4. コロニー9/夜
5. 戦闘!
6. テフラ洞窟
7. ガウル平原
8. ガウル平原/夜
9. 脱出艇キャンプ
10. コロニー6 ~中央採掘場~
11. 行く手を阻む者
12. 燐光の地ザトール
13. 燐光の地ザトール/夜
14. 纏わり付く視線
15. コロニー6 ~静寂~
16. マクナ原生林
17. マクナ原生林/夜
18. サイハテ村
19. サイハテ村/夜
20. エルト海
21. エルト海/夜
22. 皇都アカモート
23. 皇都アカモート/夜
24. 祖霊の眠る地
25. コロニー6 ~再興~

Disc 4:
1. 監獄島
2. 敵の猛追
3. 未来視発動
4. ヴァラク雪山
5. ヴァラク雪山/夜
6. 大剣の渓谷
7. 大剣の渓谷/夜
8. ガラハド要塞
9. 名を冠する者たち
10. 堕ちた地で…
11. 堕ちた地で…/夜
12. コロニー6 ~希望~
13. マシーナの隠れ里
14. 機神界フィールド
15. 機の律動
16. 帝都アグニラータ
17. 帝都アグニラータ/夜
18. 中央工廠
19. イレギュラーバウンド
20. 巨神胎内/骸
21. 巨神胎内/鼓動
22. 最後の戦いへ
23. 記憶の果て…
24. ザンザの世界で
25. コロニー6 ~未来~

Item Description

Fast pace and absolutely thrilling, Xenoblade is one of the hottest action RPGs on Nintendo Wii this summer and the music is part of the reason this game is so wonderful.Produced by Shimomura Youko of Kingdom Hearts fame and Mitsuda Yasunori of Korg DS and Luminous Arc, this 4 CD album carries some of the most fantastic game music.From the ethereal and dreamy to heart pounding excitement, Shimomura Youko can bring out all the moods via orchestral melodies to techno/punk beats. As for the ending theme Beyond the Sky, Mitsuda Yasunori and Sarah Alainn bring out the elegance and the sweet touching feeling.

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This soundtrack is absolutley fantastic.
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Amazing OST
Amazing OST for those who love videogames
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Absolutely Wonderful
This soundtrack, mainly composed by musical genious Manami Kiyota and partially by the exellent artists of ACE+ and Yoko Shimomura(and even one song by Yanusori Mitsuda of Chrono Trigger fame!), is a wonderful soundtrack befitting of a wonderful game. Great variation, but constant quality throughout everything is what defines this music. Beautiful!
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You owe it to yourself
The soundtrack for Xenoblade Chronicles is simply one of the best ever made. Wether or not this game was your favourite RPG on the Wii, if you like music this is a must have.
The soundtrack beatifully mixes music and songs based on strings and piano with more mechanical rythms and electronic pieces. Many tunes are unforgettable and were the perfect accompaniment to the story and the scenes in the game.
If you don't have this yet, do yourself a favor and grab it.
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The Best Music of its Generation
I don't exaggerate when I say this is among the highest-quality game soundtracks in the past few years. You won't be disappointed.
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