XenobladeX Original Soundtrack

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XenobladeX Original Soundtrack

track listing

#12 Your Voice
#13 Wir fliegen
#14 So nah, so fern

#01 Black tar
#02 z5m20i12r04a28
#03 z10b2r0i1e2f0i9n1g3
#04 Uncontrollable
#05 z15f20i12e09l14d
#06 z39b20co13mi01cal09
#07 By my side
#08 z?2f0i1e2l0d914
#09 z37b20a13t01t08le
#10 z30huri2ba0tt12le1110
#11 z12e201v2e091n4t
#12 z29ba2t0t1l301e17
#13 z16b2gu012ro09u1su4
#14 z13e20v12e09n14t
#15 z7b2012lp0427arr
#16 In the forest
#17 z23s20a12m0a9-1r4u
#18 The way

#01 The key we've lost
#02 N周L辺A
#03 N木ig木ht木L
#04 N市L街A
#05 亡KEI却KOKU心
#06 Melancholia
#07 fiKAIeldJOU
#08 aBOreSSs
#09 MNN+@0・
#10 In the forest
#11 46-:ri9
#12 96-:rip
#13 raTEoREkiSImeAra
#14 Don't worry

#1 PianoX1
#2 PianoX2
#3 PianoX3
#4 X-BT1
#5 X-BT2
#6 X-BT3
#7 X-BT4
#8 In the forest (no vocal effects ver.)

Item Description

『ゼノギアス(PS)』、『ゼノサーガ(PS2)』、『ゼノブレイド(Wii®))』などの名作を手掛けたモノリスソフトの高橋哲哉が総監督をつとめる注目のシームレスオープンワールドRPG 『XenobladeX』。(2015年4月29日、任天堂よりWii U™向けソフトとして発売予定。)

『ゼノブレイド』から受け継がれた、アクションゲームのような手ごたえとコマンド式バトルの戦術性が融合したバトルに新しい要素が加わり、より激しい戦いが繰り広げられるほか、「ドール」と呼ばれるロボットに搭乗してフィールドを駆け巡り、シームレスにバトルへと移行するシステムは、より一層物語への没入感を高めてくれる。 キャラクターデザインは、『ゼノギアス』でもキャラデザインとフェイス原画を担当した田中久仁彦。音楽は、「進撃の巨人」「アルドノア・ゼロ」「機動戦士ガンダムUC」「ギルティクラウン」「キルラキル」「青の祓魔師」「戦国BASARA 」など、誰もが知っている大ヒットアニメ作品のほか、映画・ドラマなどあらゆるフィールドでも活躍中の劇伴作家・澤野弘之が担当。




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Monolith continues to produce such iconic and excellent soundtrack with their games and X soundtrack is no different! it's a great listen!
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An Incredible Soundtrack For An Incredible Game
Whenever you hear a song from Hiroyuki Sawano, you'll know its his music. Its so distinct and awe-filling that you can't help but feel pumped every time. This OST has a style that really set the stage for Xenoblade X and never faltered.

My big favourites have to be to Black Tar and the NLA Night Theme
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My friend loves it; my feelings are somewhat mixed
As stated above I nabbed a copy of this for my friend and he loves it, but I can leave or take it. I'm not turned off by the music, but without seeing/hearing the context the music in game the picture is incomplete to/for me. This is not saying you need the context to enjoy it or that it's SOL without the game but it would help in my specific case. Unfortunately, I don't play games as much anymore so I'll probably never sit down and experience XCX but I can imagine the vast majority of this working if employed correctly.

That said, I think some of the tracks on here have gotten a bad wrap. The tracks I've seen people complain about are not as annoying as they say and some have really overblown how *terrible* something like "Black Tar" is when it's absolutely a blast because it is cheesy.
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In perfect conditions
I haven´t play it, waiting for US release of the game :D.
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This OST phenomenal, one of the best ones I have ever experienced. My doubts were big after the amazing OST from Xenoblade Chronicals (can it live up?), but this one is just as good and the new style is fresh and very welcome! MASTERPIECE :)
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