Yoasobi Novels: Yoru Ni Kakeru

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Yoasobi is a unit that turns a novel into music, consisting of composer Ayase and vocal ikura. The first song, "Run at Night", won first place on the Billboard Japan Hot 100. Includes 4 original novels and related works of such YOASOBI songs.


Chapter 1 "Run at Night"- Novel "The Temptation of Thanatos" / "Dissolve at Night" (Mayo Hoshino)

Chapter 2 "Trace that Dream"- Novel "Dream Drops and Star Flowers" (Sota Ishiki)

Chapter 3 "Tabun"- Novel "Tabun" (written by Shinano)

Chapter 4 Untitled - Novel "The End of the World and Goodbye's Song" (by Mizusawa Nami)

YOASOBI Special Interview

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