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TV Tokyo anime "Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!" Blu-ray Volume 7.

Twin brother and sister Yuhi and Yuho Odo, who live in Mutsuha Town, are elementary school students who run a slightly dodgy alien extermination company called UTS (Alien Trouble Counseling Center).Yuhi was spending his days struggling in vain, searching for aliens using a mysterious device he had built... That is, until that day!! In a freshly made crop circle, he finally found a real spaceship. Yuhi and Yuho found it.The two gingerly set foot on a spaceship, where they encounter an alien, Eudias, who is said to have come from the far-off Belgya star cluster! Eudias came to Earth in search of a "Rush Duel", but he doesn't seem to know what it is.Yuhi challenges the beginner Yudias to a rush duel to try his hand at it.Thus, the first interstellar exchange between elementary school students and aliens will take place in a Rush Duel...!!
Now, a space warrior from the far reaches of the galaxy runs through a new battlefield called a Rush Duel. ! Let's go, Go Rush!!


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