Zaidanhoujin Nippon Kanji Nouryoku Kentei Kyoukai Kounin: Kanken DS 3 Deluxe

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Version: Japan
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Prepare for your Kanji proficiency tests with the software or simply learn more about the language itself. See the yomigata of the characters, write it on the DS screen with the stylus and check its meaning through the attached dictionary.You can adjust the difficulty level and the speed at which you learn. Set it higher if you are cramming for a test and set it lower when your child are learning his first words. Besides Kanji writing, there are trivial tests you can take with the software to broaden your knowledge of the Japanese language.

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Very Effective learning tool!
I purchased this game after I got to an intermediate level in Japanese and already knew kanji up until Japanese grade school 4 (around 500 kanji). I found that this game is better for testing yourself after you have already studied the respective kanji as opposed to learning new one as everything is written in japanese and there is no explanation of meanings in English. It helps you remember the kanji better and teaches new compounds and uses of each character by putting them into use in a sentence.

You would need a fairly good foundation in Japanese plus full mastery of all Kana and maybe the basic kanji to get full benefit. There are many types of training games to choose, such as onyomi/ kunyomi readings, kanji writting practice etc.

The only flaw is that sometimes it may detect a different but similar character you typed, like 線and緑. It also may confuse some kana like あandを. Also, it takes into account stroke order, so if you do it wrong a different character will be detected.

Its good to have a dictionary (preferable electric, like an iphone app or a denchi jisho) on hand as there may be a lot of words you wouldn't understand unless your Japanese is really advanced, as this game was made for Japanese people learning Kanji.
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An excellent tool, but not for beginners
This is an excellent tool for people looking to practice kanji, but in order to even navigate through the menus and understand what you're doing, you'll have to have a fairly decent kanji vocabulary to start with. For practice, it's an excellent tool... but if you're a beginner hoping for an easy, simple way to learn new kanji, you're better off studying the old-fashioned way.
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I find it difficult to remember all the kanji that I've learned so far. I started studying kanji via the old fashion method of pen and paper but after a few years I started thinking that there must be a better way of learning kanji.

Kanken DS 3 is an enjoyable way of studying kanji. I started from the bottom i.e. Level 10 and I was surprised by how many of the elementary kanji I was not familiar with. This should be purchased together with Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten so that you can look up the meanings of any new kanji.

All instructions are in Japanese but if you tap your way around, you will soon get an idea of what section does what. Some of the exercises are in hiragana only and at times you will scratch your head in trying to figure out what kanji is required. Please read the text before writing an answer. Whenever I focus on the kanji only, I often get the kanji reading wrong. The software does allow you to go back and review your mistakes and corrections.
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Very good product!
A bit difficult for beginners like me but very good training! You learn a lot of new kanjis, although you have to look for their meaning yourself, it is a very useful tool to learn how to write kanjis correctly ^^ Totally addicted to it!
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Great output training, but bad for headaches
I am very much a beginner in Japanese. However, I bought this from many positive testimonies I have read about it. It is perfect for what it is designed for: kanji reading and writing practice. This is something I definitely need to study.

If you don't know your vocabulary, you will find this to be a superb vocabulary builder as well, but, at least for me, each question always has at least one new word or grammar point (and I'm on level 9!), and it is rather frustrating to keep such a large backlog of questions in the "MY Kanken" section in order to review the new words whenever I have access to a dictionary to look them up. The words I have trouble with are often not the words being tested, but rather another word in the question.

For me, especially in the lower levels, the questions are almost entirely hiragana, which makes it headache-inducingly hard to read.

I recommend this for, obviously, anyone aiming to take KanKen, and anyone wanting to increase vocabulary, but if you're lower-level like me and want to learn, be prepared to handle a lot of unknown words.
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