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Compatible with Xbox360™ (X360)
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Zoo Tycoon
Zoo Tycoon
Zoo Tycoon
Zoo Tycoon
Zoo Tycoon
Zoo Tycoon
Zoo Tycoon



Product Features

  • With more than 100 visually stunning animals, the largest and most detailed zoo environments ever, reactive gameplay and a real calendar tie-in, this zoo simulation will charm “Zoo Tycoon” fans and new players alike
  • Perform intuitive, face-to-face interactions with your animals, including adopting, caring for and releasing them into the wild
  • Get closer with Kinect. Your zoo animals will recognize your voice and react to your movement
  • Design, build and manage your zoo. Keeping your animals happy will keep your guests happy; and happy guests mean more money flowing into your zoo
  • With up to four friends joining in on the fun on Xbox Live, together you can all take part in the creation and management of your zoo* Online multiplayer requires Xbox Live Gold Membership (sold separately)
  • Trade your favorite animals with friends, share your favorite zoo moments, and participate in multiplayer challenges and community events
  • Interactive educational entertainment. Children and parents can broaden their knowledge of the animal kingdom to improve their zoo keeping skills
  • Participate in community-wide animal conservation efforts in the game that effect real-world efforts
  • Please note that the YouTube video & screenshots are all based on Xbox One and does not represent as final gameplay & screenshots for X360!

Item Description

The Awesome Comeback:
The wildly popular business simulation game is back and bigger than ever! Enjoy the company of all the adorable zoo animals with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. ZOO Tycoon is developed by Blue Fang Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The game features construction and management gameplay that will immerse the fans in a world of zoo animals..

To be a Businessman:
The main goal of this game is to make the animals and guest happy; keeping their happiness allows the player to gain a steady income. The game is divided in three modes: Tutorial, Scenario and Freeform. Tutorial will help the player construct impressive, realistic exhibits with easy-to-use building tools. Scenario mode will keep the player’s mind busy in a series of challenges like breeding a certain animal, achieving certain exhibit suitability and more! The last mode, Freeform, will unleash the player’s talent in customizing the zoo, by choosing the right building and scenery that is available for purchase.

From getting up close with the animals and zoo, customizing, sharing and socializing, Zoo Tycoon is easy to start and play, with exciting tutorials and intuitive controls for zookeepers of all ages.


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