Z/X -Zillions Of Enemy X- EX Pack Vol. 48 E48 Z/X Splash Summer Memory (Set of 10 Packs)

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Z/X -Zillions Of Enemy X- EX Pack Vol. 48 E48 Z/X Splash Summer Memory (Set of 10 Packs)

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  • 1 Box = 10 Packs
  • 1 Pack = 4 Cards
  • Limited availability
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Item Description

Popular characters that liven up the summer gather in swimsuits!
Cute! Strong! The explosive "Summer" deck will make you feel the voltage MAX!

It's summer! Swimsuits! Ascension!
In "Zex Splash Summer Memory", popular characters from Z / X gather in swimsuits.
The cards look fun and powerful and will liven up the summer.
Also, pay attention to the new ascensions that will liven up the battle and the overdrives that will appear one after another.

Cute! Strong! The "Summer" deck is hot!
Introducing the new category "Summer" where you can get all the cards that are the core of the deck in this pack!
A dream collaboration of various characters across the boundaries of races!
The more "Summer" characters gather, the higher the voltage will rise and they will demonstrate their powerful abilities.
You can play lively while enjoying the illustrations of them in swimsuits!

The deck shines with cold foil + gold foil specifications!
The glittering processing that livens up the summer will liven up the background.
Normal and rare cards are recorded in cold foil + gold foil specifications in the holo-processed version!
It is a luxurious specification that is fun to collect.

・Types: 66 types in total (excluding Special Cards)
・N (Normal): 18 types + 18 gold foil holo/R (Rare): 14 types + 14 gold foil holo/R+ (Rare Plus): 6 types/SR (Super Rare): 14 types + 14 gold foil holo/SSR: 2 types/Reissued RR (Revolution Rare): 12 types

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