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Game Boy Perfect Catalog
Game Boy Perfect Catalog
Game Boy Perfect Catalog
Game Boy Perfect Catalog
Game Boy Perfect Catalog
Game Boy Perfect Catalog
Game Boy Perfect Catalog

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The latest edition of the popular series "Perfect Catalog" that thoroughly dissects retro home game consoles from both the hardware and software aspects is "Game Boy Perfect Catalog" released in 2018. In 2024, the 35th anniversary of Game Boy's birth, it will be re-released as a new and expanded version with a new look!
This book delves into the secrets of the Game Boy's popularity, and at the same time provides a nostalgic look for users of the Game Boy at the time, at the same time, it is a book that will help young game fans who first learned about the Game Boy during the recent retro boom to understand its appeal.
In addition to introducing all software and hardware, the new expanded board also introduces compatible software for the overseas version of Game Boy and also includes a folded poster with the actual size photo that was popular in the "Mega Drive Perfect Catalog", giving a thorough introduction to Game Boy.
This is a book filled with everything about the Game Boy that will help you rediscover the charm of the hardware you loved playing when you were a child.
The familiar B5 large size, 384 pages, approximately twice the volume of the previous edition!
This is a perfect catalog that is sure to become a valuable resource when discussing the history of home video games, and in it you can find:

Chapter 1 - Game Boy Hardware
Game Boy
Game Boy Pocket
Game Boy Light
Game Boy Color
Game Boy peripherals
Super Game Boy
Nintendo Power

Chapter 2 - Game Boy Japanese Game Catalogue
Discover ALL the 1262 games released in Japan between 1989 and 2003

Chapter 3 - Game Boy International Game Catalogue
All the 1132 international games with box images, screenshots, and descriptions are here

Chapter 4 - Game Boy Game Index
Search your favourite games easily through this comprehensive index


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