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Go Get Team 0011! Original Soundtrack

Audio CD
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track listing

1. Avant title
2. Main title
3. Tsutomu to 4-biki no nakama
4. Kanashimi no Tsutomu
5. Maken Liner tanjō!
6.「Go!Go!Liner」(Movie version)
7. Kyōfu no devil hoshibito
8. Fujisan no dōkutsu
9. Chichi to tomo ni tatakae!
10. Mandelas to no shitō
11. Energy ga tarinai!
12. Maken Liner no hangeki
13. 「Maken Liner」(Movie version)
14. Countdown
15. Maken Liner no narabi
17.「Maken Liner」(Record・version)
18.「Maken Liner」(Movie version sono 2)
19.「Maken Liner」(Movie version sono 1)
20.「Maken Liner」(Movie version sono 1 karaoke)
21.「Maken Liner」(Movie version sono 2 karaoke)
22.「Maken Liner」(Movie version sono 3 karaoke)
23.「Go!Go!Liner」(Movie version karaoke)
24. Betsu take-shū sono 1
25.Betsu take-shū sono 1


Takeo Yamashita, the man who changed Japan's background music, was in charge of Lupine the 3rd (TV 1st series) at the same time as the anime movie "Maken Liner 0011 Henshin Seyo!". Commoditized! This work, which received a mission to play a role in the transformation boom that was screened at the same time as the movie "Kamen Rider vs. Jigoku Ambassador", is a boy and four cyborg dogs that can transform into various forms, and an evil alien. A dream sci-fi animation featuring fierce battles! The music is a mixture of familiar whistling, jazz, blues, and psychedelic rock, and even though it's for children, it's a masterpiece of Yamatake Sound! "The Man Who Calls the Storm" Includes multiple versions of a fun theme song sung by Toshio Oida, who is also famous as a rival drummer. A complete edition that includes valuable unused sound sources!


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