General Item Questions (About Order & ETA)

Q: I would like to know when the figure I have pre-ordered will be released?
A: Please check out Japan’s official release date for more information about the release schedule of the ordered item.

Please note these are release dates for items within Japan, and uncontrollable factors may cause international releases to be delayed.

Items might be delayed without notice. The delay period may take around 1 – 2 months.

Q: Why is this pre-order item marked as "Closed"?
A: Pre-order items are marked as "Pre-orders Closed" when new orders cannot be accepted anymore.

Q: Will/When will you offer newly announced items for pre-order/sale?
A: Unfortunately, we are unable to say if or when we will offer an item for sure until they are up on our website.

We follow the official announcements made to stores by the manufacturer and add information of new/upcoming items on our website as soon as we can. Please check our website from time to time for any updates on new items available for purchase.

Please understand that we cannot answer questions concerning this matter even if contacted via our customer support.

Q: I want an item that I don't see on your website. Can you get it for me?
A: Unfortunately, we are unable to take special requests for items. Only items found on our website are available for purchase. Please keep in mind that we are unable to offer items that are exclusive to other stores even if inquired.

Q: What is quantity limitation?
A: To provide products to as many customers as we can, we set a quantity limitation for some of our listed products.

Please note that you will not be able to add to cart more than the quantity restriction for each product.

Please be aware that for any orders that appear to be placed from the same household, same address, same name, or that seems to be placed by the same customer in any other way will be considered as exceeding quantity limit which will be tagged as invalid and orders may be cancelled without any notice in advance. So please be careful in placing orders.

Q: The product page for an item I ordered is now gone. Is my order cancelled?
A: Your order is valid if the item is still listed in your order.

We will sometimes remove the product page of items for which we can no longer accept new orders, such as initial releases of items with a pre-release available, and items that are limited in supply such as game-prizes or pre-owned items.

You can check your order from the "My Orders" section of your My Account page.

Q: An item I ordered is now listed as "Sold"/" Closed"/. Is my order valid?
A: The status of an item will be changed to "Sold", or "Closed" when it is no longer available for new orders to be placed.

Once an order has been placed while the item is available, an acknowledgment email will be sent automatically as confirmation which considers your order as valid.

Q: Why was my order cancelled?
A: There are several possible reasons for your order to be cancelled:

1. Our emails did not reach you.

Please make sure you have provided us with a valid email address and that you can receive emails from our domain ( without being blocked by your ISP / spam filter / email application.

Smooth email exchanges are essential to complete your transaction.
2. We asked you to do something to finalize your order but didn't get any reply.

For example, if your name or shipping address was displayed in garbled characters on our side, or when we think you might have accidentally double-ordered (receiving two identical orders overnight), we will email you to confirm before proceeding with your order. Your order will be cancelled after a certain period (around a week) if we do not receive any reply.
3. There is an unsettled case with your previous order.

We cannot accept orders from customers with outstanding problems on previous orders (ex., disputes). You can order again once the problem has been resolved.
4. The product's release itself has been cancelled, or we experienced a sudden supply shortage due to problems on the manufacturer's or distributor's side.

In such cases, customers will be notified. We sincerely apologize and ask for a kind understanding of the matter.
5. Your order has been determined to exceed store Purchase Limits.

In order to protect our customers and make sure that all customers have a fair chance to purchase the items they want; a Purchase Limit is placed on some high-demand items. If it is determined that an account has ordered items beyond the stated purchase limits, any items exceeding the purchase limit will be cancelled and the account holder will be notified. Customers repeatedly exceeding the Purchase Limit may have their account closed and their open orders cancelled. Please be advised that shipped items are also counted within the Purchase Limit unless noted on the product page.
6. We are unable to accept orders from you.
We are unable to accept orders from customers whose account has been permanently closed.

Questions Regarding Figure Quality (About Product)

My product's packaging has been damaged.
A: The packaging is designed to protect the product itself, and unfortunately, we will not offer a replacement unless the product itself is damaged or defective.

Below are some examples that we do not accept a replacement.:

Q: I noticed a defect in a product I bought some time ago.
A: When the stock of a product has been depleted, we are unfortunately no longer able to offer support for that product. Many products distributed by Good Smile Company have already reached this stage. Please contact customer support if you are unsure whether the product is still available.

Q: Receiving an item with Damage / Defect / Missing Parts
A: If there is a problem with the item sent, please contact Customer Service and make sure this is done WITHIN 1 WEEK from the arrival of the product.

Also, please send us photos of the following items, if there is any damage or missing parts etc.

For Damages:
- Damaged Section
- Cardboard Shipping Box
For Missing Parts:
- Missing Section
- Shipping box

(Please also check if there are any traces of the package being opened at customs.)
If we confirm that the item was defective, to begin with, we will either send you a replacement or will refund to what we deem is fair value for compensation of the defect. Please note that depending on the product or its stock status, there is a possibility that we cannot provide you a replacement item.
Q: My product is missing certain parts.
A: Please contact customer support for more details.

Q: How long will the acceptance for exchange an item (itself) if it is defected (Without opening)? 
A: It will be within 1 month after you received the item, due to the manufacturer has stopped producing the items and it is impossible for exchange after 1 month.
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